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Today’s News: September 28, 2020

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Researcher Suggests Deliberate Chinese Propaganda Campaign Forced World Into Lockdown

Infowars – Researcher and attorney Michael P. Senger suggests that the Chinese government launched an aggressive propaganda campaign to exaggerate the severity of coronavirus in order to force the rest of the world into a draconian lockdown that would serve to benefit Beijing.

In an article for Tablet Magazine, Senger details how in late January, “international COVID-19 hysteria began” with a series of suspicious videos posted to social media sites showing people in China suddenly collapsing on the streets, including one instance where a man held out his arm to break his fall, suggesting the collapse was staged.

After tens of millions of people were confined to their homes during one of the most brutally enforced lockdowns in history, Senger notes how in February the CCP “reported an exponential decline in coronavirus cases, until March 19 when they announced their lockdown had eliminated domestic cases entirely.”

China has officially recorded just 4,634 deaths from coronavirus, despite having a population almost five times larger than the United States, where the current death toll stands at over 205,000.

The World Health Organization and other scientific experts then waxed lyrical about China’s response to COVID-19, which is what led to virtually every other country on the planet mirroring its approach.

However, Senger argues that the initial hysteria over COVID and lockdown that followed could have been a carefully orchestrated Chinese propaganda campaign to hoodwink its hegemonic competitors into destroying their own economies in response to a virus with a relatively low fatality rate.

The researcher documents how armies of Chinese bot accounts on Twitter were instrumental in promoting early lockdowns in countries like Italy while bombarding political figures who refused to order strict lockdowns, such as South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, with criticism and abuse.

He also highlights how Chinese state media organs savaged the “herd immunity” approach, which was initially considered but then rejected by several western leaders, as a violation of “human rights.”

Sweden, which went for the herd immunity approach by refusing to enforce a lockdown and came out economically better than any other European country, was also targeted by the bots, as was British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was accused of engaging in “genocide” by initially considering the herd immunity approach.

Senger’s conclusion explores why China aggressively emphasized the need for global lockdowns.

“The most benign possible explanation for the CCP’s campaign for global lockdowns is that the party aggressively promoted the same lie internationally as domestically—that lockdowns worked.

For party members, when Wuhan locked down it likely went without saying that the lockdown would “eliminate” coronavirus; if Xi willed it to be true, then it must be so. This is the totalitarian pathology that George Orwell called “double-think.” But the fact that authoritarian regimes always lie does not give them a right to spread deadly lies to the rest of the world, especially by clandestine means.”

“And then there’s the possibility that by shutting down the world, Xi Jinping, who vaulted through the ranks of the party, quotes ancient Chinese scholars, has mastered debts and derivatives, studies complexity science, and envisions a socialist future with China at its center, knew exactly what he was doing.”

Senger’s theory holds weight when one considers how China has now been back to “normal” for months, while western countries, still panicked by COVID hysteria, continue to lockdown their citizens and cripple their own economies despite hospitalizations and deaths due to coronavirus having flatlined in countries like the United Kingdom.

UK COVID Police Start Enforcing Lockdown By Visiting People’s Homes

Infowars – Police in the UK are set to begin enforcing COVID lockdown rules by knocking on people’s doors to check they are self-isolating if they have been mandated to do so by the government.

The Daily Mail reports that the procedure will go into effect today, and will extend to anyone who has tested positive or come into contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus.

The government will use the National Health Service ‘Test and Trace’ app, which has been download by more than 10 million Britons, to issue self-isolation orders to the public.

Police in the UK are set to begin enforcing COVID lockdown rules by knocking on people’s doors to check they are self-isolating if they have been mandated to do so by the government.

The Daily Mail reports that the procedure will go into effect today, and will extend to anyone who has tested positive or come into contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus.

The government will use the National Health Service ‘Test and Trace’ app, which has been download by more than 10 million Britons, to issue self-isolation orders to the public.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Trump names Amy Coney Barrett as his 3rd Supreme Court pick

Yahoo – President Trump on Saturday announced that he is nominating Amy Coney Barrett to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Sept. 18. The move was the first step in a rapid confirmation push aimed at having Barrett seated before the presidential election. If confirmed, she is likely to cement a conservative majority on the nation’s highest court for years to come.

Trump unveiled his choice, which was widely expected, to an audience of about 200 people in the White House Rose Garden.

“Today it is my honor to nominate one of our nation’s most brilliant and gifted legal minds to the Supreme Court,” Trump said. “She is a woman of unparalleled achievement, towering intellect, sterling credentials and unyielding loyalty to the Constitution, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.”

Trump described the nomination as one of his “highest and most important duties” and a “very proud moment indeed.” He also praised Ginsburg as a “legal giant” and a “pioneer for women.” The president was accompanied to the podium by his wife, Melania. Barrett was joined by her husband and their seven children. As they walked onto the stage, the crowd of assembled VIPs that included Attorney General William Barr cheered. 

Following Trump’s remarks, Barrett spoke to the crowd, describing herself as “deeply honored” by the selection.

Mansour and Pinkerton: The Democrats’ 7-Step Strategy to Win the Election Using Vote-by-Mail Chaos

Breitbart – 

  • Use the pandemic to push for a nation-wide vote-by-mail scheme.
  • Enlist all the messengers at your disposal (Hollywood, Corporate Media, Big Tech, Pro Sports) to push for vote-by-mail.
  • Get millions of questionable mail-in ballots into the system. 
  • Send Democratic lawyers into key districts to fight for every challenged ballot. Use the courts and progressive election officials to keep the count going as long as possible with as little verification as possible.
  • Set expectations that the election will not be decided on November 3. Plan for mass protests in the streets. Scare people into believing that Trump won’t leave office (should he attempt to challenge the results).
  • Challenge the results in court with the help of election officials and district attorneys that George Soros has spent years getting elected.
  • Let Chief Justice John Roberts (or the new Justice?) pick the next president. Or let Nancy Pelosi do it. 

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” Democratic political operative Rahm Emanuel famously said. The former Chicago mayor’s point was that a crisis gives political players the opportunity to bend, and maybe even break, the normal rules.

Donald Trump: Minnesota Should Investigate ‘Totally Illegal’ Ballot Harvesting Scheme

Breitbart – President Donald Trump on Monday reacted to the latest Project Veritas investigation exposing an alleged ballot harvesting racket in Minneapolis.

“This is totally illegal,” Trump wrote, sharing a Breitbart News article of the investigation on Twitter. “Hope that the U.S. Attorney in Minnesota has this, and other of her many misdeeds, under serious review??? If not, why not???”

The U.S. attorney for Minnesota is Erica MacDonald, nominated by Trump on April 10, 2018, and confirmed by the U.S. Senate on May 24, 2018.

The Project Veritas video reveals an operative connected to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) bragging on Instagram of all the ballots he acquired.

“Numbers do not lie. Numbers do not lie. … You can see my car is full. All these here are absentee ballots. Can’t you see? Look at all these; my car is full,” Liban Mohamed can be heard saying in the video.

James O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of Project Veritas, also reveals organizers in three locations in Ward 6 of Minneapolis work to acquire ballots from senior citizens and others and submit them in an election.

Nancy Pelosi Prepares for House of Representatives Vote to Elect the President

Breitbart – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has officially informed her Democratic Party caucus that the House of Representatives could decide the presidential election — and has urged them to focus on winning races that could decide the outcome.

The House could decide the election if no candidate achieves a majority in the Electoral College.

As Breitbart News explained three weeks ago, in “How Pelosi’s House of Representatives Could Re-elect Trump“:

It seems almost certain that neither party will accept a close result in the presidential election on November 3. And given the likely delays due to vote-by-mail, recounts, and legal challenges, it is possible neither President Donald Trump nor former Vice President Joe Biden will have an Electoral College majority by December 14, when the Electors cast their votes.

The election will then be decided by the House of Representatives, as indicated by the 12th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. (It has happened before, in 1800 and 1824.)

The 12th Amendment states that “if no person have such majority [in the Electoral College], then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President.”

The word “immediately” means that the current Congress would choose. That, in turn, would seem to mean Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the majority Democrats would prevail, and pick Biden.

Not so fast: The 12th Amendment goes further. “But in choosing the President,” it says, “the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote” [emphasis added].

While there are 435 representatives, there will only be 50 votes. And a current tally of representatives in each state shows that there are more Republican-majority delegations than Democrat-majority delegations. Republicans control 26 delegations; Democrats dominate 22; Pennsylvania is tied and Democrats have a 7-6 Michigan plurality.

Pelosi has done the math, and expects the new Congress to handle the presidential election — if it comes to that.

Therefore, she has told Democrats to focus their resources on winning in states where Republicans only control a slim majority of seats.

Wisconsin authorities recover trove of pro-Trump ballots that were discarded in a ditch

NaturalNews – The most contested Presidential election in the history of the United States is underway, as absentee ballot fraud is already being discovered in battleground states. Wisconsin authorities have just recovered a trove of pro-Trump ballots that were discarded in a ditch.

Three trays of mail were found at 8 a.m. on September 22nd along Wisconsin highway 96, near the Appleton International Airport. According to a USPS spokesperson, the discarded mail included absentee ballots. The ballots were returned to the US Postal Service and an investigation is underway.

“The United States Postal Inspection Service immediately began investigating and we reserve further comment on this matter until that is complete,” USPS spokesman Bob Sheehan said in a statement.

Absentee ballot fraud occurring five weeks from election

Vindictive democrats will try to interfere in the 2020 election, and this year it will be so much easier, because the election is primarily being cast through the mail. During the 2020 Wisconsin primaries, the number of absentee ballots jumped from six percent of Wisconsin voters to approximately 60 percent of Wisconsin voters. Out of the 1.55 million votes cast in the state of Wisconsin, 1.1 million will be delivered through the US Postal Service. The number of mail-in ballots is expected to balloon in the coming months, as Wisconsin election commissioner Meagan Wolfe now expects more than three million Wisconsin residents to vote.

This means that most individuals will not have to show up and confirm their presence in the voting process, as was traditionally expected. Identity fraud will be much easier to accomplish this way. How many ballots will be delivered to the mailing addresses of people who are deceased or who moved, only to be filled out and counted as legitimate votes?

Worse yet, mail can be intercepted by bad actors, lost by accident, or tampered with. With a majority of Americans casting their vote through the mail this year, there is no system in place to ensure that all the fraud will be found in time or held to account. The 2020 election is a Wild West gun fight that will take weeks, if not months, to sort out. This is exactly how Democrats want the election to go; they want it to be as messy and confusing as possible, with as many opportunities for fraud as possible. This sham is not a voting process; it is the democrats last attempt at a coup d’état — to take control of the country by force. Democratic leaders have been using the fear of a virus for political gain all year, and contact-less voting is just another way they can muck up the democratic process and find a fraudulent path to power.

Pro-Trump ballots being targeted and discarded in battleground states

During the Wisconsin primaries, thousands of votes did not count because targeted voters never received the absentee ballots they requested. In one instance, a postal worker from Milwaukee said that three bins of absentee ballots were never delivered. Election commissions that are run by loyal democrats and anti-Trumpers will easily be able to target pro-Trump votes, because many states force voters to register as either republican or democrat. This system makes it easier to pinpoint those who are most likely to vote for the President. How hard would it be to intercept those republican ballots and dump them in a ditch?

In Pennsylvania, the FBI is investigating why military ballots are being discarded. These ballots are pro-Trump votes in a battleground state with a large electoral haul that could ultimately decide the election. As more pro-Trump ballots are found discarded and as police investigations mount; it’s no wonder why the Democrat party is trying to de-fund and abolish the police. Election fraud is another part of their threatening, lawless attempt to take power.

Veteran News 

Military Suicides Rise 20% During Coronavirus Pandemic

Sputnik – Officials argue that social distancing rules and the pressure brought by the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may be contributing to the rise in the number of suicides among US military service members.

US military suicide rates have increased by at least 20% this year, in comparison to the same period last year, with Defence Department officials considering the COVID-19 pandemic a potential primary factor, the Associated Press reported on Sunday.

Officials mentioned other factors that are also believed to have contributed to the increase in suicide rates among the military’s active and reserve service members, including war-zone deployments, national disasters across the US, and civil unrest that has taken place in all parts of the country since the 25 May killing of an African-American man, George Floyd.

Although US Army and Air Force officials can’t directly blame the pandemic, they said that the ongoing disease has added stress “to an already strained force”. There is no official data provided by the Pentagon, according to AP.

The outlet said, citing Defence officials involved in internal discussions and briefings on suicide data, that the military suicide rate has increased by 20%. Those rates vary in different divisions of the US military, with the active Army rising by 30%, from 88 last year to 114 this year, pushing the general total more than any other service.

The Army Guard’s suicide increased by about 10%, from 78 last year to 86 this year, while the rates are believed to have been implemented among Navy personnel.

According to the AP report, in early 2020, prior to the declaration of the coronavirus disease as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation in March, suicide rates were less than those of the same period in 2019.

“I can’t say scientifically, but what I can say is – I can read a chart and a graph, and the numbers have gone up in behavioral health related issues,” Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told AP. “We cannot say definitively it is because of COVID. But there is a direct correlation from when COVID started, the numbers actually went up.”

James Helis, director of the US Army’s resilience programs who attended Pentagon briefings on suicide data, assumed that the impacts and stress brought by the pandemic “could amplify” factors leading to suicide.

“We know that the measures we took to mitigate and prevent the spread of COVID could amplify some of the factors that could lead to suicide,” Helis said.

The most recent official Pentagon suicide data report was released in April by the US Department of Defense Suicide Event Report (DoDSER) program. The report tracks US military suicide deaths, attempted suicides, and a number of associated factors in calendar year 2018.

According to the report, for 2018, there were 325 suicides logged among “active-component service members,” resulting in a suicide mortality rate at 24.8 deaths per 100,000 population – “no different from” the country’s suicide rate for the adult civilian population in 2017.

The DoDSER report pointed out that the suicide rate for active-duty US military members in 2018 was the highest since the department began tracking suicides in 2001.

As of Sunday, the United States has registered over 7.1 million COVID-19-related infection cases, including 204,743 deaths.

Energy & Environment

Homes Burning in California, Tens of Thousands Flee Rapidly Growing Wildfires Overnight

The Weather Channel – About 4,500 residents of a senior living community were among thousands of Californians Monday driven from their homes by wildfires that exploded in size.

City buses from Santa Rosa, California, arrived at Oakmont Village about 1 a.m. Monday PDT to take the residents to safety, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Many of them were in their pajamas and robes as they shuffled toward the buses under a glowing orange sky amid falling ash.

Mysterious beams: Directed energy weapons (DEWs) linked to wildfires in California and Oregon

NaturalNews – Experts warn that California still hasn’t reached the peak of 2020’s fire season, but some say that the wildfires are occurring due to something manmade: A directed energy weapon (DEW).

California wildfires have destroyed a record-breaking 2.2 million acres in 2020

According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), 2.2 million acres have burned so far – but the wildfire season is only just beginning.

Two of the three largest fires in California’s history are still burning in the San Francisco Bay Area:

  • The Santa Clara Unit (SCU) Lightning Complex burned more than 396,624 acres, but it is 98 percent contained as of Sep. 16, Wednesday, reported Cal Fire.
  • The Sonoma–Lake–Napa Unit (LNU) Lightning Complex burned over 375,000 acres and is also 98 percent contained as of Sep. 16.

The Creek Fire, which erupted Sep. 4, Friday, is now the third-largest that is currently active, burning over 152,000 acres. It is only 20 percent contained as of Sep. 18.

The fires have killed at least eight people and destroyed more than 3,300 structures, reported Cal Fire. Most of California remains under Red Flag Warning because strong winds and low humidity continue, fanning the ongoing flames.

The previous record for acres burned was set two years ago, which included the deadliest wildfire in the state’s history, the Camp Fire, which spread through the community of Paradise and claimed 85 lives. (Related: California wildfires are causing unprecedented levels of air pollution.)

According to Cal Fire, California has experienced at least 2,650 more fires so far this year and a shocking 2,000 percent increase in the acres burned year-to-date, compared with 2019.

By this time last year, 4,927 fires had destroyed 117,586 acres.

The National Interagency Fire Center reported that because of the drought across the West Coast, “peak” fire season may last until the middle of September. Hopefully, the end of the month will see a break in activity due to cooler temperatures. But winds could stir up more fires again by October.

In Oregon, firefighters were handling 10 large blazes around the state as of Sep. 17.

Doug Grafe, the Oregon Department of Forestry’s chief of fire protection, reported that they have taken seven others “off the map” after crews set up containment lines that have held for 72 hours or more. Those fires include the Echo Mountain Complex on the coast, the Almeda fire near Ashland and the Powerline fire in Washington County.

However, crews are still trying to establish containment lines around several other major fires, like the Beachie Creek, Riverside and Holiday Farm fires.

Grafe added fires on the east side of the state are still a priority. Crews are still trying to contain the Two Four Two fire in Klamath County and the Brattain fire in Lake County.

Is a directed energy weapon responsible for these wildfires?

While wildfires are unplanned occurrences, some say that these fires could have been caused by a man-made invention like a directed energy weapon (DEW).

Video footage from a live stream of a fire in California suggests that a DEW could have been used to cause wildfires, and the same goes for a fire in Oregon.

The video below shows a black censorship line through the beam, hinting that someone may be trying to hide the link between “wildfires”and DEWs.

A red line can be seen shooting from Oregon towards the fire in California. There’s also footage of an unusual beam shooting down from Washington.

Enhancing the brightness of the video footage revealed that someone tried to edit out the red line indicating the beam. But eagle-eyed viewers can still see the beam, even though it’s now black instead of red.

The beams seem to be some form of heat signature. One of the captured focused beams eventually splits into two.

Science & Technology

Driverless Cars Cause Widespread Death, Destruction On World’s Roads

Forbes – “From reading some news headlines, and the ensuing articles, you could be forgiven for thinking cars were already self-driving,” said U.K. journalist Laura Laker, one of the drafters of new guidelines to be issued to journalists who write about road traffic crashes.

She has collected numerous articles about road crashes which don’t ascribe agency to motorists.

“It’s important we remember collisions involve vehicles piloted by people,” she said.

Search on Google for agency-less reporting of road traffic incidents, and you’ll find plenty of examples.

“Car overturns in crash,” reported GloucestershireLive on September 27. Earlier, a family had a “lucky escape” after “car leaves road and hits tree on country lane,” reported the Leicester Mercury.

The editors who headlined those articles and the journalists who provided the copy neglected to include agency in the reporting. And this is damaging and wrong, says new, expert-led media guidelines which state that “publishers should make mention of human actors in a collision.”

Crashes have causes, and these causes are invariably due to poor driving; often dangerous driving. Yet reporters the world over sometimes steer clear of ascribing actions to humans when the incidents—many of which are either obviously criminal or turn out to be so—involve motorists.

Drone carrying kidney flew over Vegas. Experts say it’s future of organ transportation

USA Today 0 Drones are used today for a variety of tasks – delivering small express packages, assisting in search and rescue operations and capturing stunning aerial views views, to name just a few. 

Get ready to add one more to the growing list: human organ transit.

Researchers at MissionGO, a provider of unmanned aviation solutions, and the Nevada Donor Network, an organ procurement organization, announced last week two successful test flights carrying a human organ and tissue via drones in Las Vegas.

The first flight on Sept. 17 transported research corneas from one hospital to another about 2½ miles away. On the same day, a second flight delivered research kidneys 10 miles, from an airport to a location outside a small town in the Las Vegas desert.

It marked the longest organ delivery flight in drone history, surpassing the distance of a historic April 2019 flight, when staff now with the MissionGO team transported a kidney from the Living Legacy Foundation in west Baltimore to the University of Maryland Medical Center downtown. 

Although the Las Vegas kidney was for research purposes only, scientists who took biopsies before and after the flight concluded there were no changes to the tissue architecture and cell viability.

“These flights are an exciting step forward,” said Anthony Pucciarella, MissionGO president.


Based on latest CDC data, the Wuhan coronavirus poses virtually no death risk whatsoever for people under the age of 50

NaturalNews – New CDC data confirm that the Wuhan coronavirus poses almost zero death risk in people below the age of 50 (see details below). At the same time, these data also confirm the virus remains extremely dangerous to people over the age of 70, and the CDC estimates that 1 in 18 elderly people who contract the virus (i.e. are “infected”) end up being killed by it.

Meanwhile, the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for people 50 – 69 years is 1 in 200, making it far deadlier than the seasonal flu for individuals in that group.

But for people aged 20 – 49 years, the IFR drops to just 1 in 5000. This means that for every 5,000 people who are infected within this age group, one fatality is expected.

Those below the age of 20 have an even lower fatality rate: About 1 in 33,000.

In summary, the risk of death from the coronavirus in people under the age of 50 is extremely small, and approaching zero.

These numbers are based on the CDC’s new data released at the following link, using “Scenario 5” which is labeled, “Current Best Estimate.”


Vitamin D Cuts SARS-CoV-2 Infection Rate by Half

Mercola – Evidence showing vitamin D lowers your risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection, hospitalization, severe complications and death continues to mount. Most recently, a September 17, 2020, paper1 in PLOS ONE found people with lower vitamin D levels in their blood had a significantly higher risk of testing positive for SARS-CoV-2.

Vitamin D Lowers Infection and Hospitalization Rates

That higher vitamin D levels lower the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection (i.e., getting a positive test result) was also confirmed in an Israeli population-based study7,8published in July 2020. This paper examined data from 7,807people tested for SARS-CoV-2 infection between February 1 and April 30 of 2020 who also had vitamin D test data available.

Vitamin D Lowers Hospital and ICU Admissions

Seeing how higher vitamin D levels lowers your risk of testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 in the first place, it’s no surprise then that other data show higher vitamin D also lowers hospital and intensive care admissions.

The Israeli analysis10 above, for example, found that among individuals who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 infection, those who had a vitamin D level below 30 ng/mL also had a 1.95 times (crude odds ratio) to 2.09 times (odds ratio after adjustment for demographics and psychiatric and somatic disorders) higher risk of being hospitalized for COVID-19.

In other words, having a vitamin D level below 30 ng/mL about doubled the risk of being hospitalized with COVID-19. Vitamin D, when administered to hospitalized patients, can also lower their risk of needing intensive care.

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