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Today’s Guests: Robert Takhtalian + Chris Ernesto

Tuesday, February 12, 2019:

Are you still using regular toothpaste with fluoride? Joining today to tell you why it is one of the most toxic substances is Robert Takhtalian , formulator of one of the best natural toothpastes out there called Vita-Myr and it is available at The Power Mall!  Learn about the natural way to keep your breath fresh, your gums healthy and your teeth clean and bright. Don’t forget about the fabulous Maca and Inca Warrior Protein powder from Vita-Myr!

Vita-Myr products are available online at or by calling 877-817-9829 .

New Products: Coco Cabana Shampoo & Coco Cabana Conditioner

Coco Cabana Shampoo & Conditioner is rich in Jojoba oil and Glycerin, which provides moisture to damaged hair. For centuries Jojoba Oil has been used to nourish & moisturize even the most sensitive scalps. Coco Cabana Conditioner is rich in Jojoba Oil and Glycerin that provides moisture to damaged hair. This is a moisture rich conditioner that softens, adds shine, improves flexibility and tames frizz. Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free.

You receive personal service and support with all Vita Myr Products. We have 100% money-back guarantee on any product. Your satisfaction is the most important element of our business.

Over 20 years’ experience creating safe, natural and effective health-care products used by 1000’s around the world.

No chemicals or harmful ingredients. VITA-MYR Hair Care Products are formulated for the entire family and completely safe for children. They are allergy tested, non-drying and leave the scalp soft and nourished and the hair shiny and manageable. All of our products developed with our children and grandchildren in mind.

We take our inspiration from nature and use only natural, organic ingredients.

Chris Ernesto of St. Pete’s for Peace  joins TPH to discuss what the military is doing abroad and the irrational behavior of many on “the left”

Fact sheet: Is This the New Left? – A running list of the hateful, hypocritical, violent, racist, misogynist, hysterical & authoritarian, actions of some of our colleagues on the left


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