Today’s Guests: Martin St. James + Daphne Barak

Tuesday, January 14, 2019: 

TPH listener Bob in Ohio calls to discuss Kylee Fight.  Kylee is battling Undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of the liver. Kylee was not improving with chemotherapy so her mother tried a more holistic approach. Kylee is now thriving but the doctors disagree with the mother.

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Author and Power Hour listener Martin St. James joins to discuss his book GalaComm4.

Since H. G. Wells everyone has speculated that the coming of an alien civilization would be to invade, plunder and pillage our planet, but is that really the only scenario?  GalaComm4 ponders on a different type of alien visitation, one that has far reaching implications to our modern day society. Enter into a comical world where aliens visit planet Earth and take a peek as to how they would see us.  

GalaComm4 – The End Is Near is available to Power Hour listeners through Amazon and if you hurry now you will receive a savings of $6 through the month of January. 

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Daphne Barak, documentary filmmaker, author, journalist and celebrity-interviewer, joins to discuss her new book To Plea or Not to Plea. In this book she reveals why Rick Gates pled guilty in the Mueller probe and the lasting repercussions of this ordeal. 

She has conducted a wide range of sit-down interviews with heads of state, royals, Hollywood stars, musicians, athletes, artist, and newsmakers. Her television specials and print exclusives are distributed in all leading outlets and throughout many countries around the world.

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