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Friday, November 29, 2019: HOLIDAY REBROADCAST

Joyce Riley interviewing Dr. Jack Wolfson – February 23, 2015:

Dr. Jack Wolfson discusses the Anti-Vaccine Movement and why vaccinations are unnecessary and bad for your health. Dr. Wolfson believes that the real causes of diseases are poor nutrition and toxins.


Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, pioneer of Medical Spiritual Healing joins to discuss using Ancient Healing Methods for Modern Illnesses.  Medical Spiritual Healing integrates the secrets of Sufi Spiritual Healing with traditional western and complementary medicine. Over 100,000 people have received benefits from MSH Healers and professionals worldwide have been certified in these methods helping individuals uncover the psychological, emotional, and spiritual causes of their disease. Dr. Jaffe is Chancellor of the University of Medical Spiritual Healing and The University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. He is also a spiritual guide (Murshid Murabai Ruhi) within the Sufi Tradition.


Archives for today’s show:

November 29, 2019 (hour 1): Replay of Joyce Riley interviewing Dr. Jack Wolfson 

November 29, 2019 (hour 2): Replay of Daniel Brigman w/ guest Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

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