Today’s Guests: Chris Slattery + Glenn Parnham

Wednesday, January 29, 2020:

Joining in the first hour today is Chris Slattery, founder of Expectant Mother Care, also known as EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers. Chris was honored with the “Champion for Life” award, a pro-life tribute, from John Cardinal O’Connor, and had the privilege of being the Confirmation sponsor of the famous Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the producer of the acclaimed videos.  

Christ joins today to discuss President Trump being the 1st President ever to speak at March for Life Rally in DC to End Abortion.


Glenn Parnham, formulator of Super Silver Solution joins Daniel Brigman to discuss the spread of disease, in particular Coronavirus and what you aren’t being told by the media.  Glenn will also share the benefits of silver and why it’s important to include in your natural medicine chest.

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