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Monday, July 08, 2019:

Joining today’s show is John Barbour, a widely known by assassination experts as the creator of the definitive award-winning film on the murder of JFK called, “The Garrison Tapes.”   John is also debuting his autobiography, YOUR MOTHER’S NOT A VIRGIN! which brings the full story about America’s spiral into the industry of fake news, deep state, and a 50-year fascination with conspiracies on how the nation has gone wrong since that fateful day in November 1964.  His book also contains stories from his Hollywood days that crowned him with the name, “The godfather of reality TV.”


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Watch for free: The Assasination of JFK – The Garrison Files: 


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1 thought on “Today’s Guest: John Barbour”

  1. OMG, Daniel & your crew! This one is really good. “Your Mother is not a virgin”. Duh. Thing is, I think all boys want to born of the virgin Mary.

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