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Friday, May 11, 2018:

James Fetzer sits in for Daniel Brigman today on The Power Hour.

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Joining James is guest Peter Klein. Peter Klein is a self-styled journalist, sometimes podcast host, independent documentary producer, blogger and activist. Peter’s career barely hints at what have become his current interests. Those include revisiting and re-contextualizing history, making sense of social and political phenomenon and finding ways to share what he’s learned with others.

History isn’t about events of the past to be learned, but rather conspiracies to be uncovered. Not ashamed to be labeled a Conspiracy Theorist, Peter chooses rather to think of himself as an Anti-Propagandist. As his understanding of the way things are has grown and become more refined, he only holds closer to the notion that conspiracies abound. They are, to him largely the result of an America that has grown to respect anonymous authority, to its peril.


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** James will be taking phone calls in the 2nd hour of the show

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