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Today’s Guest Host: George Freund w/ guest Timothy Spearman

Thursday, July 09, 2020:

Guest hosting today is Canadian George Freund, host of Conspiracy Cafe who will be discussing events around the globe.  For 20 years George has been a talk radio junkie revealing to millions upon millions the deep dark machinations of the shadow government.


Joining George for today’s show is Timothy Spearman, former multidisciplinary professor. Tim has an impressive writing and publishing background. He has published other books and novels under the pen name Timothy Spearman, including Odds-on Favourite, Must I Remember, Butterfly Dreams, Goodbye Ruby Akhtar, The History of the Peace Train, and Sailing the Seven C’s, and under his own name The Ethics of Timelessness and Gandhi Under Cross-examination. Tim runs a film company with Tahmineh Mousaeerad called New Globe Productions. He has served as Narrator and Co-Producer of the documentary Divine Musical Dancers, a documentary about Hindu classical dance, and has written over thirty screenplays, including feature films and TV miniseries.  He has published several illustrated storybooks and some poetry. He served for five years as a film critic for the Korea Herald and Korea Times in Seoul. His article on Paul McCartney’s death and replacement in 1966 will be published in a collection called “And I Suppose We Didn’t Go to the Moon Either” by Moon Rock Books. Tim will be publishing his magnum opus “Shakespeare’s Codex: All the World’s Staged and We Are Merely Played”  with Moon Rock Books soon. Tim is a radio show host on Freedom Talk Radio Network in the UK. Keep up with him at his website

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