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Wednesday, August 21, 2019:

Nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman joins to discuss the 5G crisis and the upcoming 5G summit which consists of an impressive group of experts who will discuss the science about the dangers of 5G and EMF radiation.


Free online event from August 26 – September 1, 2019.


Over the past decade, Dave Stetzer has focused on troubleshooting power quality problems, specifically the problem of dirty electricity (electrical pollution, “stray voltage”), in the United States and in numerous countries throughout the world. His work in this area led to the development of the Stetzer Filter, the world’s first power line EM (electromagnetic) filter.

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Stetzer Products have been scientifically proven to reduce dangerous, high frequency dirty electricity and hence reduce a person’s exposure to this ubiquitous form of harmful electromagnetic energy. Scientific evidence shows that by equipping a home with Graham-Stetzer filters it’s possible to alleviate some of the symptoms that are commonly associated with Electrical Hypersensitivity, while at the same time protecting one’s self and family from the harmful effects of EMFs.

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August 21, 2019 (hour 1): News + Guest Ann Louise

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