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Week of (February 08 -12, 2021)


Week of (February 08 – 12, 2021)


Monday, February 08, 2021:

Hour 1: Encore of Jason Derkevics discussing how nutritional supplements can stop the degenerative process and simultaneously promote true healing. “Not all supplements are Grown By Nature, but they should be…”

To order Grown by Nature products visit www.thepowermall.com or call 877-817-9829. 


Hour 2: Encore of Ray McGovern who discusses Julian Assange and what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6th.  McGovern is an activist who speaks out against what he sees as corruption in the CIA.

Website: www.raymcgovern.com


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February 08, 2021 (hour 1)

February 08, 2021 (hour 2)

Tuesday, February 09, 2021:
Guest host: A. True Ott, True author and publisher of dozens of articles and three books on nutrition.


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February 09, 2021 (hour 1) 

February 09, 2021 (hour 2)


Wednesday, February 10, 2021: 

Hour 1: With nearly four decades of experience in the financial industry, Joseph Meyer, author of the Straight Money Analysis Newsletter joins The Power hour for an update on the economy and the stock market.


Hour 2: James McCanney joins to discuss current news.

Website: www.jmccanneyscience.com



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February 10, 2021 (hour 1)

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Thursday, February 11, 2021: 

Hour 1: Guest host Wayne Elliott


Hour 2: Encore of Judd Dunning discussing 13½ Reasons Why NOT to be a Liberal and How to Enlighten Others by Judd Dunning.  

Website: bulletpointnation.com


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February 11, 2021 (hour 1)

February 11, 2021 (hour 2)

Friday, February 12, 2021: 

Hour 1 & 2: Catherine Austin Fitts, founder and president of the SolariReport joins The Power Hour today to  discuss the 2020 Annual Wrap Up: The Going Direct Reset.


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February 12, 2021 (hour 1)

February 12, 2021 (hour 2)


3 thoughts on “This Weeks Guests

  1. What is the guest’s name that was talking about the Russian communist playbook that is being brought to bear in the United States? Food cards, etc.

  2. Daniel:

    I listened intently to the Friday, August 14 show. I am always interested in hearing what David Icke has to say, I believe that he is a rare voice of reason in this crazy World. The following is my story about being discriminated against at a store.

    Sunday afternoon August 09, at Staples Office store in a major town in Southern New Jersey. I got tossed out for not wearing a mask. I walked into the store not wearing a mask. I can’t claim any health problem that would keep me from wearing one though. I only saw one store employee at the main checkout. I got to the copy machines and started my copy routine. I copy some files at least once each month at this store, and I have purchased many computer related items there as well. Suddenly I was faced with two store employees and several customers. One employee repeatedly said, “You have to wear a mask.” That was said over and over numerous times as if this person was a robot. The store manager said if I didn’t put on a mask, he would call the cops! He then said that they had called the local police just a week before to remove another “non-mask wearing customer.” Several customers all stood around watching with glee shown on their faces. It seems they were enjoying the confrontation at my expense. I tried to talk reason, but they were adamant in their attacks. They said it was the law, I explained that it is NOT the law, that there isn’t any legislation! The copying station where I was standing is located next to the entry door. While the store employees were accosting me, an elderly black woman came into the store and joined the melee. She simply stood just inside the doorway and confronted me and started saying, “Why don’t you just put on the mask?” I tried to argue sense, but all of them had their minds made up. The black woman turned out to be a real Methodist Pastor of two churches in the region, she gave me her business card and asked me to pray with her in the store, I did not pray since it was my attitude of non-conformity that she wanted to pray about. She also told me to call her when I felt the need to pray for my change of attitude. She was totally serious about helping me see the wrong of my stance. She even acknowledged that she had given sermons that morning at her churches on this same subject, advising her parishioners to follow the law. I tried to tell her and the others that wearing the mask was a precursor to accepting the “Mark of the Beast.” That only led to more preaching that I needed the help of Jesus Christ. By the way, this woman was wearing a mask, but the whole time she was speaking to me she had it pulled down below her nose, her nose was exposed to the open air. While the woman was preaching at me and asking me to pray, the manager and the others backed away and seemed to allow that to play out.

    I am 70 years old and have seen and done many things in my life, but this was a new experience for me. I wouldn’t have thought that Americans would so easily fall victim to this “situation,” (I don’t know what is the proper word for it). I realized that the store employees are pivotal in this situation. By requiring the employees to wear masks, they are placed in a position that they don’t want to accept, but have to accept in order to keep their job. That makes them mad, like a child who is punished for doing something wrong, and when they see another child attempting to do the same, they feel correct and licensed to step in and punish the miscreant! A neat way to find someone to police your requirements.


  3. Truly LOVE Dr. True Ott you should (really need) have him come on every week I bought his book awhile back from power hour there is so much the people NEED to know Thank You

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