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In Memory Joyce Riley

1948 – 2017


The very definition of a Baby Boomer…the Riley family welcomed a bouncing baby girl three summers after the Japanese surrendered to end World War II.  Born on 7/31/1948 Joyce came to the World in the usual way – to a typical American family outside of Arkansas City, Kansas on the border with Oklahoma.  Fittingly, she was born in the heart of the United States…because eventually she would capture the hearts of millions of People around the world.


Her Father owned a pharmacy while her mother was a stay-at-home mom.   She was the oldest of three children.   If you knew Joyce you would probably know the one thing she liked more than being on the Power Hour was quilting.  That love came honestly as she inherited from her Master Quiltsman Mother.  Undoubtedly her father’s involvement in the medical community influenced her career decisions.  The tragedy of her family came when one of her younger brothers died unexpectedly.  It was a sore that in some ways tore at the emotional fabric of her family her entire life.


As a young woman she was determined to make some mark in the world.  The tenacity we grew to love brought her all the way to the University of Kansas.  “Rock, chalk, Jayhawk,” rolled off her tongue like it belonged.  Her passion to help those who couldn’t always help themselves was embedded in her makeup.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and went far…in a wide range of nursing duties in the private sector.


Her expertise and willingness to serve landed her in the Air Force.  Joyce became a Flight Nurse aboard C-130 missions in support of Operation Desert Storm.  The kinship she felt with those in uniform is a lasting legacy.  The experimentation she endured and witnessed changed her forever.  A champion of the forgotten men and women of the Desert Storm era may be the badge of honor she cherished the most.

Before she would bring the plight of the Iraq War era soldier to the masses she took several important stands.  And stands…and stands in the face of brutal scrutiny.  While employed at Bexar County Hospital in San Antonio Joyce became involved in Nursing medical Malpractice issues after learning Nurse Genene Jones was responsible for the deaths of many children in the well-publicized “Baby Death” case.  Until her health would no longer permit she was an expert witness for both plaintiff and defense medical cases.  She has presented at the National Institutes of Health, and many legal conferences including the American trial Lawyers Association.


Her expertise and crucial voice lead her to the radio and well over 1500 radio guest appearances.  From 1996-1999 with her husband Dave von Kleist, she travelled the country as an advocate for the American Gulf War Veterans Association.  With Agent Orange reports, Miracle II Soap, and crucial info for veterans throughout the nation exploded in its effort to assist Vets in need.  In the Spring of 2000 The Power Hour Radio Show landed on the GCN Network.  With her exuberant husband by her side Joyce laid the path for the modern independent media movement.  The Power Hour became synonymous with blowing the lid off of our less than honest reality.  “It’s all about the Truth!”, “Doing the next, right and honorable thing,” “Knowledge is power!”, “Caring about your world,”were all well-deserved and well-used catch phrases.


With the tenacity of a bulldog, an unusual wit and a special midwestern charm Joyce endeared herself to a massive audience.  The advent and success of the truth media can be traced directly to The Power Hour and the Nation of People who called it home.  Her pursuit of natural treatments for her Cancer diagnosis will long be admired and used in coming generations.  She is survived by an adoring body of listeners and advocates who have found the world a better place by having Joyce in it.  So many owe so much to this giant in the communication world.  Ever private with so much personal information it is proper now to note she has one brother and one son from an early marriage remaining.


The shadow is long and the path is well worn following the Voice of our Joyce.  Whether quilting or twirling a baton or questioning the highest government bodies on the planet, Joyce Riley will forever be in our universe.  The Power Hour Nation sleeps with heavy hearts this night as her mortal struggle is over and a new world has begun for her.  It is easy to imagine her tracking down some unsuspecting former character who was responsible for so much suffering in this world and giving them a piece of her mind…that is in between twirling her baton again.  Because if there is one thing we know…no army can stop an idea whose time has come and no one will ever forget Capt’n Joyce Riley.

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10 thoughts on “In Memory Joyce Riley 1948 – 2017”

  1. I listed to Joyce on a number of occasions (Coast to Coast), she was a great teacher and passionately cared for the fallen. Great lady!

  2. I met Joyce Riley in Dallas (mid to late 90’s) when she was apparently on a speaking tour with her husband exposing the truth about the Gulf War syndrome and the US GOVT coverup of it.

    She Impressed me as a person who had great compassion for those that have served. She is a champion for Gulf War victims, and seem’s to have done everything in her power to make things right .

    I am deeply touched by her passing.

    She stood up for us gulf war vets when there was seemingly no one else.

  3. I listened to her in the Chicagoland area, approx.30 mi. due west of downtown. It was shortwave where i heard her program. I appreciated her work with “Beyond Treason”. Talk about opening my eyes wider!! God bless her, no doubt He has placed her just right. You know we get used to seeing, hearing good people around for a time. Then poof! they are gone, in a moment of time, from our, stream of time. After spine surgery i needed to do 24 mos. in re-hab to learn how to walk agin. Well, they could get her radio show in there; too much electronic interference. Then i thot i’ll go to on-line. When i saw that picture posted, i knew she was gone. God bless everyone and “on we go!” Ross

  4. I enjoyed being a guest on the Power Hour with Joyce in 2010 and I am so sad to hear of her passing. I tragically lost my son in 2017, and it is a comfort to know they are sharing the spirit plane together and with other wonderful light-bearers… Joyce shared some of her natural remedies with me in 2010, helping me through a tooth emergency that would have otherwise cost me hundreds of dollars. To this day, when I use the amazing tooth paste she suggested, I think of her. Thank you, Joyce!

  5. Thank you for the chance to give tribute to our late friend Joyce Riley. Man, was she one special lady or what? She was one tough and gutsy gal, for sure … witness her work in standing up for her fellow military veterans, their loved ones, and her single-handed taking on the Pentagon and military establishment in the case of our troops being poisoned with Gulf War Illness. See her wonderful work with the documentary “Beyond Treason”. Like so many others, I really miss Joyce. I was a daily listener to The Power Hour with Joyce Riley for about 10 years, and having listened to other talk shows, I can tell you that she was the best. She didn’t kiss up to the guests and would often challenge the guests on their comments or positions which a good journalist should have challenged. She did not sell out her audience for the favor of any guest. Joyce was truly all about the truth, as the saying goes. She welcomed guests from all ends of the political and social spectrum … and her ability to listen with an open mind, and respect was shared by many of us in the listening audience. As a frequent caller, I can honestly say that Joyce was very generous and fair in giving the callers time to fully express their thoughts, comments, and questions. She so often made the exchange feel like a conversation … for all of us, whether we were speaking to her as a caller or simply listening in. Sadly, there will never be another Joyce Riley. Joyce set the bar for what a good talk show host should be … a bar that I wish more of today’s talk show hosts would strive for. If there is ever a time when a Joyce Riley or two or three is needed, it is now … so we should never forget Joyce Riley and we should refer to her often when the topic of talk show hosts comes up. Yes, Joyce, you may be gone but you certainly are not forgotten. Thank you for all you gave to us and our world. Rest easy now, dear friend. – Love, Phil in Florida 🙂

  6. I just found out that Joyce died in 2017. I was a guest on The Power Hour many years ago, talking with Joyce and Dave about my film titled: “What I’ve Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy: The War Against The Third World”. They had me on for two hours and played clips from my film. And they kept telling their listeners to buy my film, which was only on VHS tape at the time. Four days later, my PO Box in Culver City, CA was full with over 200 letters from Power Hour listeners, including checks to buy my film.

    Nothing like that has ever happened to me before. Being on with Joyce and Dave was by far, the best experience I have ever had on the radio. I stayed in touch with Joyce and when she came to Los Angeles for an event, we had lunch together. What a special person she was.

    I have promoted her film: BEYOND TREASON for years now. I’m sorry that it took me over two years to learn that Joyce had died.
    A big thank you to her for all she did and for being so supportive of me.

    She also had Joel Andrea on her show promoting his great anti-war book titled: ADDICTED TO WAR: Why The US Can’t Kick Militarism”. I am the publisher of that book. After that she had
    S. Brian Willson on The Power Hour with his book: ” BLOOD ON THE TRACKS”.
    Joyce Riley, PRESENTE.

  7. I just also found out Joyce had died. I had ordered a few hundred dollars of government documents exposing the mass virus testing on human populations from her. I found myself thinking of her this morning with being shut in, with the Coronavirus, and wondering what her take would be on it. Biological warfare? Netted her name and found out this truth speaker had passed away to the spirit world. Thank you so much dear warrior for working so hard for veterans, and for all of us, exposing what has been done to us, and what will continue to be done to us. You were a fine example of service on many levels. Merry Meet, Merry Part, Merry Meet again, RIP.

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