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Health Point Machines Now Available

NOW AVAILABLE AT THE POWER MALL BY SPECIAL ORDER: Health Point Machine Kit’s from Good Health Naturally

Natural pain relief – acupressure without needles!

HealthPoint™ Auricular Ear Clips
HealthPoint™ Cottonbud Probe

** Call 877-817-9829 to order and please allow extra time for shipping

> View the Health Point Kit HERE

HealthPoint™ enables anyone to become a ‘Master Of Acupressure’ and to help any condition that responds to a master acupuncturist. At the touch of the button it can help bring relief and healing – but with a significant difference – virtually instant relief! It’s safe – Even for Children! HealthPoint has absolutely no side effects. It gets better – It doesn’t wear off!

  • HealthPoint Allows You To Locate & Stimulate Acupuncture Points Accurately
  • Helps with Over 160 Conditions, Including Most Eye Issues, Stress, and Anxiety

For further help and information on how to use the HealthPoint, refer to the instruction video here: