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Financial Express   Jim Rogers, the renowned co-founder of the Quantum Fund, believes there’s an impending crisis and it’s much sooner than you think. “We could see the worst crash in my entire life pretty soon,” he said in a recent conversation with Kitco news. Jim Rogers founded the Quantum Fund alongside George Soros, who is regarded as one of the most successful investors of all time. From 1970 to 1980, their portfolio returned 4200% while the S&P had posted paltry returns of about 47%.. Rogers explained, “We’ve had economic problems in the US, in North America, every four years since the beginning of the republic, to say that we’re going to have a problem is not unusual.” The 2008 financial crisis, says Rogers, was caused due to a rise in debt, and since then the debt has gone through the roof. Global debt levels have almost quadrupled, rising 276% in the last decade to $217 trillion. Rogers predicts the impending crisis could be as early as next year and believes that gold prices are likely to skyrocket, in view of the impending meltdown that people have always turned to gold in the face of crisis and this time around it’s not going to be any different