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President Donald J. Trump ran a campaign of impassioned pleas promising to drain the swamp of bureaucrats which have dug a grave for the American Dream.  Since election day we have seen remarkable economic strides. At the very least the de-industrialization of America has been paused.  Unfortunately, we have also seen Trump surround himself with the same swamp creatures he promised to vanquish.  We remember Trump promising to pull back from foreign war entanglements, but he still decided to bomb Syrian airstrips.  Like an iceberg, it seems the real story is just below the surface. God knows it is perplexing and enthralling.

A part of America, and the world for that matter, sees Donald Trump as a villainous figure directly responsible for everything from hurricanes to puppies dying.  Another part sees President Trump as a semi Messiah-like figure tasked with leading the Republic back to a position of greatness. No matter where in this spectrum you fall the reality is almost nobody can help from staring at Trump and wonder at what has taken place since that pivotal night in November, 2016.

Daniel Estulin is most famous for his book The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, which brings to light hidden information of a semi-secret group of so-called “elite” executing their plans for world control.  He also has a distinguished career in Russian intelligence. This summer he released the book In the Shadow of a Presidency which chronicles the fascinating super-hero level battle going on in the administration as we speak.  I invited Daniel on The Power Hour Radio Show ( for a compelling conversation. The following interview is a dynamic look into the most talked about political subject in the united States since Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence—the Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Excerpt from The Power Hour interview on 9/14/2018 – Daniel Brigman (Host) with guest Daniel Estulin:

Daniel Brigman: I want to go over this…because I rack my brain over this and our listeners do…Explain to us from your perspective, what exactly is Donald Trump.  Who exactly put him in? In some ways he seems like the same old thing, in other ways he seems like a radical departure. Is he an american? Is he on our side?  What are we looking at?


Daniel Estulin: It’s a very good question and very easy to understand yet it’s so difficult to explain in few words.  Trump is not a person, by that I don’t mean he’s an extraterrestrial, he’s a project. A one part of a Global Elite. 

Back in 2014, 2 and a half years before he became President our intelligence unit, Russian Intelligence, we were playing with different scenarios for the upcoming US elections and needless to say we needed to think out loud as to who might be the next President of the United States and we were playing with 3 different scenarios, one was Donald Trump, one was Rand Paul, and the 3rd was Bernie Sanders.  We basically knew as a point of departure that no one on the liberal banking financier side, these are the people who destroyed the world economy, these are the people who play with numbers on a computer, these are the people who don’t produce anything, these are the people behind Hillary Clinton. We basically had it absolutely clear that none of these people would win the elections because the economy has collapsed and this whole model which is based on Bretton Woods, an agreement signed in 1944, was based on infinite grills in a finance planet, something that basically came to an end, there was no more growth in the world once the Soviet block became part of a the global liberal banking financier block, so there was nowhere to expand.

So the question was finding an alternative to these people.  We had these two individuals, Rand Paul was immediately discarded, he simply didn’t have the economic tact you need to play in the big league so we were basically left with Donald Trump who was a right-wing conservative and Bernie Sanders who was a left-wing conservative and most of us thought that someone like Trump would win because he’s a typical individual who you want in there to get things done. He may be a lot of things but he’s perfect for the situation, the collapse that we’re living through right now, they needed someone like him to strong-arm his ideal on a super national level, although Bernie Sanders would have won had it not been for all of the Shenanigans from the Democratic Party.

And so when we realize someone like Donald Trump would win, it was a question of understanding how the entire dynamic would play itself out because as I said again, Donald Trump is not a person, he’s a project, and people will say that he’s all these different things and they are absolutely wrong because he knows exactly what he’s doing, he defeated 16 or 17 candidates in the Republican Party, he defeated Hillary Clinton and basically he went up against mainstream media, the intelligence agencies, Wall Street, Silicon valley, Washington establishment, the Hollywood intelligence agencies, the Rockefeller’s, the sources, again the liberal banking financier crowd and he defeated most of them or he’s in the process of defeating most of them. 

And a lot of people were saying he’s probably going to get killed the same way that John F. Kennedy was killed, they simply don’t understand that Kennedy didn’t have anyone behind him except for his Daddy’s money. Whether Donald Trump is a project, he’s what we call black international, by black international I mean all the European landowners the old aristocracies, the royal families, the Vatican, the royal family of England, the Rothschild’s. …the epicenter of the British Empire, Singapore and Hong Kong city states, these are the people behind the candidacy of Donald Trump on a super national level.

And again, if you only understand Republican/ Democrat, Americans against the Russians and the world that you see on television, none of what I’m saying makes any sense, but I repeat, Donald Trump is an alternative to a model which is now dead, and that model is Bretton Woods model, which basically was created in 1944 as a way to obviously expand America’s influence in the world, that model today is dead, and Trump came in and Trump’s objective as the President is to dismantle and destroy the petrodollar and to come up with a new economic model, something that is very difficult to do because you can’t come up with a new Bretton Woods the same way you can order a hamburger at McDonald’s. It takes a lot of time and a lot of agreements between lot of different countries and we don’t have that time case the world is on the verge of economic financial Armageddon collapse, and so the question is how much can be done to save the world, because again it’s a war between two different models. 

The beginning of 1944 the war was between the capitalist block and the socialist block and in 1991 when the Soviet Union and The Warsaw Pact collapsed it basically became one world global block of Liberal banking financiers because that model doesn’t work anymore. Today the war, the fight to the death, is within the Capitalist block between the industrialists which represent about 30% of the world’s finance, these are the people who built something and improved the lives of people peculiar space against nature, and the financiers, these are the Wall Street crowd, the Clinton crowd that set a war against Donald Trump and they play with numbers on a computer they don’t produce anything at all. So the fight is to the death because before you had enough for everybody on the super national level to basically divy up the world into bits and pieces. Now there’s only enough for one, it’s like in the film Highlander, only one can survive.

And what we are seeing right now on the global stage, because there’s a reason why the mainstream media is saying that Trump is a lunatic and saying that he is fighting against Canada, he’s fighting against NATO, fighting against the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, world banking, the Federal Reserve…they are saying these are all of our friend’s. No, these are not our friends, these are the enemies of humanity and the enemies of the consequence of Donald Trump because he’s the alternative economic project. So these upcoming election are basically going to decide the future of humanity.


Daniel Brigman: Let me try to summarize for a second and then a follow-up question.  So you are saying the elite, I say syndicate because I don’t think they are elite, I think that they are scumbags.  Within the syndicate, they see the world in two different ways, there is a break off. In that break off the people who actually create things, the industrialists…more Rothschild’s, old banking vs. this new money, Wall Street, made up of out nothing Rockefeller clan, they see there must be a new way…they don’t want to implode everything.… they want a candidate like Donald Trump to enact this new way, a new dollar system, a new economic model so we can progress forward. Still controlling but a new model away from destruction. Am I right so far?


Daniel Estulin:  You’re right mostly but there’s a couple of minor corrections.  The Liberal banking financier – the Bretton Woods model worked as long as it produced benefits, and it produced benefits for these people as long as you could take over territories because again, capitalism was based on growth.  But when you come conquer the entire planet, the entire world becomes one economic model…you have nowhere to grow, you’ve reached the limits of growth. And so think of these shareholder for these enormous giant gazillion corporations, they want their money but they’re not getting anything because there’s nowhere to go. 

And so now there’s infighting. They are fighting amongst themselves because this group (who is part of Bretton Woods) they’re losing their weight and they are losing their prestige and they are losing their force. So the other alternative group is actually taking advantage of the situation with which we are living in right now in the world to try to impose their model.  They simply pushed forward their candidate, that candidate is Donald Trump.

These two groups could never agree to disagree. They are diametrically opposite idea of how the world should be run economically speaking, which is why they could never agree, they could only kill each other. That’s why it’s like the Highlander, only one of these groups can survive and the war is not only in the United States.  It’s on a global level which is why we see what we are seeing in the United States. We’re seeing it in Italy, Germany, France, Europe, in the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, etc. It’s a global conflict between two economic model which could never ever have anything to do with the other


Daniel Brigman: Yes or No, is Donald Trump a figure America should be behind?


Daniel Estulin: Absolutely because this is the only way that the American economy can rise and be great again.


The rest of the interview is just as powerful.  You can access the link at the bottom of the article.  


Wow, Daniel really blew the hair back of our audience.  During the commercial breaks we would chat, and both agreed on the enormous stakes we are witnessing.  I believe those who are awake, and have eyes to see, know we are living at an absolute crossroad—for America certainly, but really the whole world.

I also firmly believe conviction is the ultimate currency in the high stakes poker game which we find ourselves in the middle of.  Conviction means passion and knowledge…it can also mean understanding. We are not the pawns the global syndicate would have us believe.  We are sovereigns with crowns of authority and inheritance dripping from our very souls. Hold the line my friends. The imminent upheaval we feel will come with opportunity.  An opportunity for the most valuable commodity in this universe—Liberty!


Daniel Brigman, host of The Power Hour Radio Show


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