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Dr. Axe – According to the Mayo Clinic, approximately half of all cases of toxic shock syndrome caused by staph bacteria occur in women of menstruating age. Toxic shock syndrome or TSS is often thought to be a health problem that only affects women, menstruating women to be exact, like the 20 year old woman who accidentally left a tampon in for over a week in 2016! While menstruating women may have a greater likelihood of developing this dangerous condition, toxic shock syndrome can happen to anyone — including men, postmenopausal women and even children. If you or someone you know is displaying signs of TSS, it is never something to take lightly.  So what is toxic shock syndrome? Toxic shock syndrome, or TSS, is a rare yet extremely serious medical emergency. It can cause major organ damage or even death if left untreated. It is estimated that toxic shock syndrome may be deadly in up to 50 percent of cases. These are some really scary odds. This is why it’s so important to be aware of toxic shock symptoms as well as the best natural ways to prevent toxic shock syndrome in the first place.

5 Natural Ways to Prevent TSS:

I want to state again that TSS is a medical emergency. I am not advising trying to cure TSS with home remedies. But I am happy to say that there are natural ways to prevent toxic shock syndrome symptoms in the first place.

1. Optimal Menstruation Maintenance

2. Previous TSS Patients — Avoid Tampons

3. Proper Wound Care

4. Optimal Vitamin D Levels

5. Probiotic-rich Diet