Today’s News: September 26, 2018

World News

More than a dozen dead after quake rocks Indonesia’s Mulaku

Egyptian authorities threaten to ‘decisively confront’ protesters

India Issues All-Out Alert Along Western Border After Pakistan Violates Airspace

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Ukraine details make Hunter Biden ‘liability’ for Dems

Claims by president’s secret accuser released

Adam Schiff Performs Fake Conversation Between Trump and Ukraine President

Schiff slammed for chalking up ‘disturbing’ fictional account of Trump-Ukraine call to ‘parody’

Impeachment Backfires: Trump Raises $5 Million In 24 Hours

Trump Attacks Whistle-Blower’s Sources and Alludes to Punishment for Spies

Rudy Drops New Bombs: Slams Obama Cabinet ‘Pattern Of Corruption’; Claims China ‘Bought’ Biden

Economy & Business

Trump warns stock market will crash if impeached

Wall Street drops as turmoil in Washington outweighs trade optimism

Majority Of Wealthy Americans Are Hunkering Down For A Recession

GM Strike Starts to Ripple Through Michigan Economy

Energy & Environment

Hurricane Lorenzo strengthens to ‘beastly’ Category 4 storm, Tropical Storm Karen forecast to weaken

Prince Harry ‘troubled’ by climate change deniers

Science & Technology

Detroit Struggle to End Facial Recognition Spying


Doctors sued for false medical neglect claim

Broadleaf Plantain – The “Weed” You Won’t Want to Be Without

This study provides evidence that human circadian rhythm can be altered by electromagnetic fields

Vaping deaths rise to 11, with deaths reported in Georgia and Florida

Gender transition indoctrination is extreme child abuse, warns psychiatrist

Turn Bitter Acorns Into Delicious Nuts, Butter And Flour

Pet News

Strategies to Help Your Senior Dog Stay Strong and Mobile