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World News

Venezuela crisis so bad people abandoning beloved pets

Maduro looks to China to bolster Venezuela’s collapsing economy

Turkey massive rate hike to 24%

UK broke human rights convention over mass surveillance, European court rules

Afghanistan: Millions risk running out of water in severe drought

U.S. News

Chaos in WALMART as residents stockpile goods

Trump questions Puerto Rico hurricane: ‘3000 people did not die’.

Related: Death toll based on computer model — not body count

Dozens detained in raid on vacant building in Hollywood

Rand Paul ramps up alliance with Trump

Bolton: ICC Is Dead to the United States

Kaepernick Donates to Pro-abortion Cause

Pelosi: I Want To Be Speaker Again When Democrats Retake House

Banned By Amazon! Modern Day Book Burning Is Here

REPORT: Manafort is talking to Mueller about reaching plea deal in second trial

Economy & Business

California poverty rate highest in nation


American Business Coalition Launches Anti-Tariff Campaign Against Trump

USA Takes Mantle of World’s Biggest Oil Producer, According to Preliminary Estimates

Energy & Environment

Coastal residents wait, watch as Florence’s fury begins

As Hurricane Florence Approaches, It Sparked A Tornado Warning

California Governor Brown Signs Bill Requiring Zero Carbon Emissions by 2045

Science & Technology

Reddit Removes Entirety of Qanon Community in Sudden, Strange Move

Watch: Leaked Video Shows Top Google Execs’ ‘Upset’ Reaction to Trump Election

Are Your Phone Apps Secretly Monetizing You?


Are We Due for a Pandemic Flu? Here’s How to Prepare Just in Case

Researchers Are Offering $300 Each For 1,000 People To Eat Avocados Daily

Insect-Borne Chagas Disease Becoming More Prevalent in the US

The Health Risks of Excessive Earwax

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