Today’s News: September 12, 2018

World News


EU will give social media giants 1hr to remove extremist content under new law

RT – The European Union chief executive has proposed a new law which would require Google, Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms to remove extremist content within one hour or face a fine.


Palestinian mission in Washington given a month to pack up

Al Jazeera – The Palestinian envoy to Washington says his staffers have been given a month to pack up after the Trump administration ordered the Palestine Liberation Organization mission closed.

Husam Zomlot told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the closure would not deter Palestinians from seeking a state with East Jerusalem as the capital.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton said Monday that the mission was being shut because the PLO, in his words, had not taken steps towards negotiations with Israel.


EU parliament votes to punish Hungary over ‘breaches’ of core values

BBC – The European Parliament has voted to pursue unprecedented disciplinary action against Hungary over alleged breaches of the EU’s core values.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government has been accused of attacks on the media, minorities, and the rule of law – charges which he denies.

More than two-thirds of MEPs backed the censure motion – the first such vote against a member state under EU rules.

If also approved by national leaders, Hungary could face punitive measures.

The ultimate sanction, the suspension of Hungary’s voting rights, is unlikely as Poland is likely to veto any such move.


Now we have IREXIT forming in Ireland

Investment Watch Blog – There is a new Irish political party emerging in the Republic of Ireland to promote leaving the EU, which was inspired by the successful BREXIT movement. Theresa May has really messed up the entire BREXIT movement and at the same time, this has exposed Europe for what it really is – a power and money grab that has been resentful of the British probably from inception since without Britain, Europe would be speaking French when they stopped Napoleon and the German when they stopped Germany. Without Britain, Europe might not exist as it does today. Then add the Irish who saved civilization for the barbarians burned everything in Europe creating really the Dark Ages and it was the Irish monasteries who saved the old knowledge along with the Arabs.

So now we have IREXIT Freedom party, which has launched in Dublin who want Ireland to “take back control” from Brussels.


Chinese Government Begins ‘Sinicization’ Campaign Of Burning Bibles, Forcing Christians To Sign Papers Renouncing Their Faith

Investment Watch Blog – The Chinese government is destroying crosses, burning bibles, closing churches and forcing Christian believers to sign papers renouncing their faith as the crackdown on religious congregations in Beijing and several provinces intensifies.


U.S. News, Politics & Government


Trump authorizes sanctions against foreigners who meddle in US elections

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that will slap sanctions on foreign companies or people who interfere in US elections.


Violence Against Right Escalates as Media Amp up Hate-Rhetoric Against Trump

Breitbart – Incidents of violence and threats against the political right have escalated as the establishment media amp up its hate rhetoric against President Trump and his supporters.

The morning after Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd compared media critics to racist segregationists and singled out Fox News as one of America’s biggest problems, a man in a “mentally agitated state,” and apparently upset over an officer involved shooting, intentionally crashed his vehicle into the studios of FOX 4 in Dallas, Texas.

Besides Todd, many in the media, especially at far-left CNN have “othered” Fox News and presented the network as a unique danger to America.


‘F**k Trump!’ Farzad Fazeli Attempts to Stab GOP House Candidate On 9/11

Infowars – March For Our Lives supporter arrested for trying to stab Republican to death with a switchblade.


Since 9/11, America Has Traded Liberty for Security, And We’re Almost Out of Both

Activist Post – Immediately following the attacks of September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush promised Americans he would exact revenge on those who dare attack the empire.

“Dubya’s” program of “Shock and Awe” gave the American public an upfront look at what the U.S. military was prepared to do to the enemies of “freedom and democracy.”

The bombing of Iraq was only the beginning of a larger conflict that the Bush Administration dubbed “The Global War on Terror.” The War on Terror did not end in the physical battlefield, however. The U.S. government was determined to root out all possible terrorist activity and in the process roll back as many of America’s hard-earned liberties as possible. Many of the bills passed in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks have contributed to the rise of a Surveillance State.

The new mini-documentary, The Modern Surveillance State examines the state of privacy in modern America. Beginning with The PATRIOT Act, the film examines a number of bills and programs which have been used to erode away at privacy and grant the government and their corporate partners access to the public’s private information in a manner which dictators of the past only dreamed.

The Modern Surveillance State encourages viewers to ask how we found ourselves living in the current paradigm by exposing programs like Total Information Awareness, the Patriot Act 2, National Security Letters, the National Defense Authorization Act, and social media monitoring. The documentary also looks at the possibility that companies like Google and Facebook may have been funded by the CIA.

Please watch and share this important documentary to help wake others up to the fact that Americans are living in a state of perpetual surveillance.


Judicial Watch Uncovers Five More Clinton Emails Containing Classified Material on Her Unsecure, Non-‘’ Email System

Judicial Watch – Judicial Watch today released two batches, 184 pages and 45 pages, of newly uncovered emails of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the U.S. Department of State sent and received over her unsecure, non-“” email system. Five emails contain classified information.

Judicial Watch obtained the documents in response to a FOIA lawsuit filed on May 6, 2015, after the State Department failed to respond to a March 4, 2015 FOIA request (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00687)) seeking:

All emails sent or received by former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in her official capacity as Secretary of State, as well as all emails by other State Department employees to Secretary Clinton regarding her non-“” email address.

The documents are part of the accelerated schedule of production ordered by U.S. District Court Judge James E. Boasberg, which requires the State Department to complete processing by September 28, 2018, the remaining documents of the 72,000 pages recovered by the FBI in its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illicit email server. These new classified and other emails appear to be among those that Clinton had attempted to delete or had otherwise failed to disclose.

The new documents include material classified “confidential” on negotiations between Northern Ireland and UK, as well as negotiations with Israel, Palestine, and France. They also include a reference to a Clinton meeting with controversial leftwing billionaire George Soros, and advice to Clinton from Sid Blumenthal, who was barred from a State Department position by the Obama administration and regardless continued to advise her on matters of state.


CDC investigating multiple sick passengers on more flights with Passengers returning from Mecca

Off Grid Survival – or the second day in a row, the CDC is investigating another set of sick passengers arriving in the U.S. via international flights. This time, Emergency crews responded to two separate international flights where passengers reported flu-like symptoms upon landing at Philadelphia International Airport.

Twelve passengers on American Airlines flights from Paris and Munich were experiencing symptoms, an airport spokesperson reported.  As a precaution, all 250 passengers, including flight staff, were held for a medical review and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was notified.


Economy & Business


Trump: Economy Will ‘Totally Collapse’ If Democrats Take Control

Infowars – POTUS praises “best Economy in the history of our country.”


Energy & Environment


The other storm you need to know about

CNN – As the US east coast braces for Hurricane Florence, an even stronger super typhoon is barreling down on southeast Asia, with Hong Kong and Macau square in its path.


People Are “Fighting For Food” As Authorities Warn Florence “Could Produce A Disaster Comparable” To Hurricane Katrina

Economic Collapse Blog – Hurricane Florence is about to make a “direct hit” on the east coast, and public officials are making one ominous declaration about this storm after another.  Florence is being called “extremely dangerous”, “a monster”, “the worst in 60 years” and “the storm of a lifetime”.  By the end of this week we shall see if this storm lives up to the hype, but at this point it is definitely an immensely powerful storm.  Hurricanes of this magnitude very rarely come this far north, and panic is starting to set in all across the mid-Atlantic region as people realize that this is really happening.  Over a million people are in the process of evacuating, and it is being reported that there is “fighting for food” at the stores that still have some supplies left


Science & Technology


US Air Force to roll out implanted headset device for TEETH dubbed ‘molar mics’ that will allow hands-free radio calls which transmit sound using the jaw bone

DailyMail – he United States Air Force will soon roll out a unique communications system that will be implanted on soldiers’ back teeth.

Sonitus Technologies recently announced their $10million contract with the Department of Defense, which will allow them to continue through their second phase of developing the ‘Molar Mic’ for the Air Force.

‘The innovative two-way, personal communication system fits a miniaturized traditional headset into a device that clips to a user’s back teeth,’ according to the California-based company.




Cardiomyopathy Reversible with CoQ10 and Selenium

Green Med Info – Cardiomyopathy is an example of a life threatening medical condition in which complete recovery of cardiac function can be achieved using a nutritional supplement program in up to 70% of cases.

In other words, CoQ10 it is a vital substance needed for cellular energy production. Heart muscle with its high energy requirement has the greatest need for CoQ10.(35)

Myocardium Deficient in CoQ10

In 1990 Dr Manzoli reported that cardiac biopsy studies of patients with dilated cardiomyopathy reveal the myocardium is deficient in CoQ-10.(26) Treating 30 such patients with CoQ10, 100 mg/day showed considerable improvement. In 1990 and 1992, Dr. Langsjoen reported cardiomyopathy patients treated with CoQ10 showed remarkable improvement in ejection fraction and overall survival.(27-28) Others have confirmed these findings.(28-32) Dr Fotino in 2013 says:

Short-term daily treatment (12 weeks or less) with 100 mg CoQ10 improves left ventricular ejection fraction in patients suffering from heart failure. (Fotino et al., 2013).(33)

In the 1930’s selenium deficiency cardiomyopathy was reported in children living in the Keshan province of China, “Keshan’s Disease”.(36-38) Researchers discovered the cardiomyopathy could be reversed by administering selenium supplements to the children.(46) Here in the US, selenium deficiency cardiomyopathy was reported in selected populations suffering from malabsorption, hyperalimentation, gastric bypass, and inflammatory bowel disease.(39)(43-44)(57)(66-69)

In the 1950’s University of Oregon researchers identified white marble disease in cattle, a form of muscle degeneration in cattle grazing on selenium deficient soils. The pattern of muscle degeneration resembles the human disease.(70)

In 2015, Dr Oropeza-Moe reported in J Trace Elements, an identical from of selenium deficiency cardiomyopathy in pigs called Mulberry Disease, pathologically identical to the human disease (Keshan’s Disease).(58)

Power Mall Products of Interest:


Studies Show Microwaves Drastically Reduce Nutrients In Food

Green Med Info – Did you know that microwaving your food is one of the most damaging things you can do to reduce food quality and nutrition (and your health)?

Three studies of historical food composition have shown 5-40% declines in some of the minerals in fresh produce, and another study found a similar decline in our protein sources (1)

A 1999 Scandinavian study of the cooking of asparagus spears found that microwaving caused a reduction in vitamins (3)

In a study of garlic, as little as 60 seconds of microwave heating was enough to inactivate its allinase, garlic’s principle active ingredient against cancer (5)

A study published in the November 2003 issue of The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture found that broccoli “zapped” in the microwave with a little water lost up to 97%of its beneficial antioxidants. By comparison, steamed broccoli lost 11% or fewer of its antioxidants. There were also reductions in phenolic compounds and glucosinolates, but mineral levels remained intact (6).

A recent Australian study showed that micro- waves cause a higher degree of “protein unfolding” than conventional heating (2)

Microwaving can destroy the essential disease-fighting agents in breast milk that offer protection for your baby. In 1992, Quan found that microwaved breast milk lost lysozyme activity, antibodies, and fostered the growth of more potentially pathogenic bacteria (4).


FDA Threatens to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes Over Rise of Youth Vaping

Newsmax – The Food and Drug Administration is threatening to pull flavored electronic cigarettes like Juul off the market if the tobacco industry doesn’t do more to combat growing use of the products by children and teens.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the agency will soon release data that show a “substantial increase” in youth vaping this year compared with 2017.

“I have grown increasingly concerned around what we see as rising youth use in these products, and I’m disappointed in the actions the companies have taken to try to address this,” Gottlieb said in an interview.

The FDA told five major e-cigarette manufacturers Wednesday to come up with ways to address youth use in 60 days or the agency could require them to stop selling flavored products that appeal to children. The products being targeted are: Juul, Altria Group Inc.’s MarkTen, Fontem Ventures BV’s blu, British American Tobacco Plc’s Vuse and Logic.


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Please sign the petition to make sure 9/11 responders & victims are supported by the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund after they sacrificed everything!