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World News

Police clear over 1,600 migrants from Paris camps in 59th op

US warns Iran is preparing a ‘nuclear breakout’

Nato alliance experiencing brain death, says Macron

Erdogan Threatens to Open Doors for Refugees to Europe Unless EU Provides Enough Support to Turkey

U.S. News, Politics & Government

Adam Schiff Makes Up New Rules for Impeachment Inquiry; Restricts Republican Witness Questions

Alt Media was Exposing Epstein Corruption as ABC was Covering it Up—Who’s the Real Fake News?

Democrats turn on Bill Gates after billionaire hints he’s not a fan of Warren’s wealth tax

Tulsi Gabbard to Breitbart News: ‘We Do Not Have a Nation If We Do Not Have Borders’

Jim Jordan: Republicans Will Subpoena ‘Whistleblower’ for Public Testimony

Bernie Sanders’ immigration plan would put moratorium on deportations, end ICE raids

House to explore Pence’s role in Ukraine controversy

Jury in Roger Stone Trial Packed With Pro-Obama, Anti-Trump Jurors

Donald Trump Reads Aloud 2017 Tweets from Whistleblower’s Lawyer Declaring a ‘Coup’

Sen. John Kennedy on Pelosi: ‘It Must Suck to Be That Dumb’

Rand Paul Blocks Whistleblower Protections Resolution

Economy & Business

Reports of US confirming China tariff rollback drives markets record-high

Las Vegas makes sleeping on downtown streets a misdemeanor

PG&E CEO Earning $2 Million a Year Makes OUTRAGEOUS Comments to Californians Struggling to Afford Foo

35 Reasons Why You Should Move Away From California

Wall Street hits fresh record high on trade progress

Science & Technology

5G Space Appeal Is Ready for Delivery; SpaceX Plans 30,000 More Satellites


The Impossible Burger found to contain glyphosate herbicide, but not at insane levels

Costco jumps into lucrative prescription drug “one hour delivery” market, proving nearly every retailer in America is driven by Big Pharma profits

Mercury injection “season” is here, and it’s not even safe in your mouth, so imagine the DAMAGE that’s being done to 100 million Americans

Cannabis in Modern Medicine

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