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Today’s News: January 14, 2019

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Text – H.R.25 – 116th Congress (2019-2020): To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States. | | Library of Congress

(Sent by George Freund) Wouldn’t you think this would’ve made the mainstream media? This is very big news!

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Data: White American Births Below Replacement Level in Every State

Breitbart – The United States birth rate remains well below the replacement level needed as white American births plummet in all 50 states and the District of Colombia.

New federal data released by the Center for Disease Control reveals that American women are having less and less children needed to sustain the current population. In 2017, all but two states in the country had birth rates below replacement level. The total U.S. birth rate was about 1.765 children per woman.

The U.S. needs a birth rate of at least 2.1 children per woman to replace the current population of the country without experiencing population decreases.

States like California, New York, Wyoming, West Virginia, and Washington, DC, saw the lowest birth rates in the country. For example, Washington, DC, had a birth rate of only about 1.7, far below the 2.1 level needed to replace the metro area’s population.

Meanwhile, only South Dakota and Utah had birth rates above replacement level. South Dakota had a birth rate of about 2.2 children per woman, while Utah had a birth rate of about 2.1 children per woman.

In all 50 states and the District of Colombia, white women had birth rates below replacement level. The highest birth rate among women were those living in Utah. The white birth rate in Utah was about 2.0 children per woman.

Black women in the U.S. only had above replacement level birth rates in 12 states while Hispanic women had the largest share of birth rates throughout the states. Births among Hispanic women were above replacement level in 29 states.

The U.S. is now less than half of what it was in the 1950’s.

Between 1955 to 1960, the U.S. birth rate peaked with nearly 3.6 children being born per woman. Demographers predict, based on current trends, for the U.S. birth rate to remain below replacement level into the year 2100.

Leftist French Website Calls For Heterosexuality to be Banned

Infowars – Left-wing French website Mediapart has published an article calling for heterosexuality to be banned because it encourages “homophobia” and “racism”.

The opinion piece, written by Mérôme Jardin, a gay campaigner, takes the form of a long screed blaming heterosexuality for almost every evil on the planet.

“Heterosexuality is not a sexual orientation, but a system of domination generating and nourishing sexism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia and other oppressions such as racism, ableism or classism,” states the article, adding that heterosexuality is to blame for the “femicide” of women and “a woman dying every three days at the hands of her male companion,” in addition to all rape and the suicides of LGBT people.

The absurd article goes on to compare heterosexuality with Holocaust denial, adding that straight people only began to support gay rights when “we rubbed their noses in the horrors they created”. It also ludicrously claims that heterosexuality was to blame for the AIDS epidemic because it led to the “abandonment of gays, bis and trans”.

The article concludes by asserting “it is urgent that heterosexuality be banned”.

The irony behind the piece is that Jardin is also a member of CCIF (Collective Against Islamophobia).

“China’s Nightmare”: B-2 Stealth Bombers Deployed To Hawaii, “On Watch” 24/7

ZeroHedge – The US Air Force is putting China on notice as it announced Friday a new deployment of three B-2 Spirit stealth bombers to Hawaii for training in the Pacific. The nuclear-capable aircraft departed Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, and touched down at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii, along with 200 support personnel airmen, as part of a U.S Strategic Command-led Bomber Task Force mission.

One defense analyst recently called the increase in B-2 bomber deployments to Hawaii “China’s nightmare, and something Beijing should get use to.”

“Deploying to Hawaii enables us to showcase to a large American and international audience that the B-2 is on watch 24 hours a day, seven days a week ready to protect our country and its allies,” military spokesman Lt. Col. Joshua Dorr said in a statement. Though a Pacific Air Forces Public Affairs press release did not expressly mention China, Beijing has reacted aggressively to a number of routine US long-range flyovers in the Pacific and South China Sea regions over the past year, including “close call” incidents involving Chinese intercept attempts of US vessels passing through what China claims as its own territorial waters. “Its presence in the Hawaiian Islands stands as a testament to enhanced regional security,” the US military statement continued.

DARPA Wants to Build Conscious Robots Using Insect Brains

Futurism – The Pentagon’s emerging technologies unit put out a call last week for proposals that use insect brains to control robots — because they could be used to create efficient new models for artificial intelligence, but also because they could be used to explore the meaning of consciousness.

“Nature has forced on these small insects drastic miniaturization and energy efficiency, some having only a few hundred neurons in a compact form-factor, while maintaining basic functionality,” reads a document in the proposal. “Furthermore, these organisms are possibly able to display increased subjectivity of experience.” It goes on to say that there’s evidence suggesting that “even small insects have subjective experiences, the first step towards a concept of ‘consciousness.’”

Bug Hunt

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is famed for funding projects that led to the early internet. But it’s also a well-funded research arm for the U.S. military — and one of its key areas of interest, according to a riveting Atlantic feature this past autumn, is to create brain-computer interfaces that can “program soldiers’ brains.”

The feature suggested broad interest at DARPA in technologies that bridge the gap between computers and the brains of humans and animals.

China’s Annual Trade Surplus With U.S. Hits Record Despite Trump’s Tariff Offensive

Wall Street Journal – China’s trade surplus with the U.S. hit a record last year, as robust American demand for Chinese goods undercut the Trump administration’s tariff offensive aimed at narrowing the countries’ lopsided trade gap

China’s first ‘cyber-dissident’ faces trial

France24 – China’s first “cyber-dissident”, whose website reported on sensitive topics including human rights, is expected to go on trial on Monday amid fears he is in bad health, sources familiar with the matter told AFP.

Huang Qi was arrested in 2016 for “leaking state secrets” and has since been held at the Mianyang Detention Centre in southwestern Sichuan province — his home region — without a trial date.

Calls to the Mianyang Mianyang Intermediate People’s Court, which is handling the case, went unanswered.

“American diplomats attempted to attend Huang Qi’s trial but were denied access to the courtroom,” a US embassy spokesperson told AFP.

More cities add Barack Obama’s name to landmarks, highways

USA Today – Barack Obama hasn’t been the president for nearly two years, but his fame is still spreading – at least when it comes to naming things after him.

The nation’s first African-American president need not go far around the country these days to find something that carries his name. There’s Barack Obama Way in New Albany Township, Indiana, and Barack Obama Boulevard in Pahokee, Florida. There’s a long list of schools now named for him, like Barack Obama Academy for Academic & Civic Development in Plainfield, New Jersey, and Barack Obama Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia.

Obama even has animal species named after him, like placida barackobamai, a sea slug.

Industry wary of alternatives tries to protect a word: meat

AP – More than four months after Missouri became the first U.S. state to regulate the term “meat” on product labels, Nebraska’s powerful farm groups are pushing for similar protection from veggie burgers, tofu dogs and other items that look and taste like real meat.

Nebraska lawmakers will consider a bill this year defining meat as “any edible portion of any livestock or poultry, carcass, or part thereof” and excluding “lab-grown or insect or plant-based food products.” It would make it a crime to advertise or sell something “as meat that is not derived from poultry or livestock.”

Similar measures aimed at meat alternatives are pending in Tennessee, Virginia and Wyoming. They come amid a debate over what to call products that are being developed using the emerging science of meat grown by culturing cells in a lab. Supporters of the science are embracing the term “clean meat” — language the conventional meat industry strongly opposes.

The issue strikes a particularly strong chord in Nebraska, one of the nation’s top states for livestock production, where cars roll down the interstate with “Beef State” license plates and the governor each year proclaims May as “Beef Month.”

Farm groups have found an unusual ally in state Sen. Carol Blood, a city-dwelling vegetarian from the Omaha suburb of Bellevue. Blood, who grew up on a farm, said she introduced the measure because agriculture is Nebraska’s largest industry and needs to be protected for the good of the whole state.

“I’m not bringing this bill to tell people what they can and can’t eat,” she said. “All I’m asking for is truth in advertising. It’s clear that meat comes from livestock, and livestock is our livelihood in Nebraska.”

Nebraska led the nation in commercial red meat production in 2017 and had the most feed cows as of last year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Livestock and livestock product sales generated an estimated $12.1 billion for the state’s economy in 2016, according to the USDA’s most recent available data.

The measure is certain to face resistance from food producers that sell plant-based alternatives, as well as those working to bring lab-grown meat to market. Critics say the bill infringes on the free-speech rights of companies that produce vegetarian alternatives to real meat.       

World News

Political Nightmares Multiply For Europe Ahead Of Davos

Tom Luongo – Europe’s dreams of integration are slipping away as the people wake up from the nightmare erected for them.

As we approach Act IX of the Yellow Vest protests in France and the threats of creating bank runs we get the news that both Presidents Trump and Macron will not be attending the convocation of globalists known as the World Economic Forum at Davos.

Trump’s not attending because it’s clear he’s no longer a member of The Davos Crowd and Macron isn’t because any public appearance by him will double the number of people donning high visibility safety gear and taking to the streets.

It almost feels like we’ve reached Peak Davos, with these announcements. But, clearly neither of these men are invited because in the minds of The Davos Crowd they no longer figure in their long-term plans.

Macron not attending is also a sign his government will be sacrificed on the altar of the Yellow Vests in the near future.

The Yellow Vest protests will have to be dealt with in a substantive manner that goes far beyond a few temporary injunctions against higher taxes. They are now vandalizing another symbol of middle class oppression in France, speed cameras.

All of the governments of Europe are broke. And the speed camera is simply another in a long line of instances of them trying to squeeze blood from the now impoverished and shrinking middle class.

Ministers take control of ‘independent’ Press watchdog set up after the Leveson inquiry

Daily Mail – The supposedly independent body set up after the Leveson Inquiry to oversee Britain’s Press regulators appears to have been quietly turned into an arm of the Government.

The Press Recognition Panel (PRP) was set up by Royal Charter in 2014 in the wake of the Leveson Inquiry to certify that Press regulators meet Leveson requirements and are independent of politicians.

However, its own independence is now at risk after it was subsumed into the Ministry of Justice without its knowledge.

The MoJ’s last annual report states: ‘From April 1, 2018, the Press Recognition Panel has been designated as within the MoJ Departmental Boundary.’

But although that document was published last June, it appears the PRP only learned of the change last month.

In a letter to the Treasury dated December 20, PRP chairman David Wolfe admitted that he did not know about the change until it was highlighted to him by the National Audit Office.

German far right dallies with ‘Dexit’ from EU

Breitbart – As the British parliament prepares for a crucial Brexit vote Tuesday, Germany’s far right voted Sunday to break a national taboo by campaigning to quit the European Union if its demand for reforms within the bloc are not met.

A party congress gathered in Riesa in Saxony state — the Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) biggest stronghold — voted for the demand to be included in its manifesto for European Parliament elections in May.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

150,000 Sign Petition to Impeach Hate-Filled Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib Who Called Trump “Motherf**er”

Freedom Outpost – Speaking of impeachment: “This woman is an anti-Semite, a war mongering hate filled Palestinian who has vowed to try and destroy our constitutional rights, hates America, hates American citizens.”  Yes, that’s right. There is no doubt that Tlaib will use her platform in Congress to spew lies and hatred against Israel, President Trump, and anyone else whom the left targets. This impeachment petition is unlikely to gain any traction, but it is a welcome sign that many Americans are not taken in by the media’s fawning over Tlaib, and are disgusted by her anti-Americanism and hatred.

Unfortunately, she is likely to be in Congress for a very long time.

Anti-Gun Chicago Alderman Now Under Corruption Indictment Had 23 Guns at Office

Godfather Politics – Long-time Chicago Alderman Ed Burke has been a staunch opponent of the Second Amendment. But after being arrested and indicted on corruption charges, officials found 23 guns hidden in his aldermanic offices.

Burke has always been against the Second Amendment… for you and me. But imagine how this story would be reported if it was just a regular guy instead of a Chicago powerbroker who has been plying his corrupt practices for over 50 years.

If this was just a business owner, the media would have been all over him for hiding an “arsenal of guns” in his offices.

Democrats Approved $500 Million for Border Wall… In Middle East

The Western Journal – As the government shut down continues with the battle over border wall funding not yet resolved, the left’s hypocrisy on the issue continues to be revealed.

One example of this, of course, is that the Democrats have previously approved higher amounts of spending on a barrier of some form along the southern U.S. border.

Now, we have yet another example of how Democratic objections to funding the wall look more like a temper tantrum than an actual, legitimate concern.

In February 2016, Vice News reported that then-President Barack Obama helped the Middle Eastern country of Jordan with its construction of a border barrier to the tune of half a billion dollars.

Jordan wanted the wall to “stem the flow of refugees and also wall off the increasingly important (military) American base from the disintegration of Syria and Iraq,” the website reported.

Ohio State lecturer bans students from saying ‘illegal immigrants’

Spectator – A little row at Ohio State University, which Cockburn would like to document, if he may. Victor Espinosa, a lecturer in sociology at Ohio State University, has been telling students that they are forbidden from using the term ‘illegal immigrant’ to describe immigrants who did not enter the country through the legal method. Because – drum roll – it is offensive.

Mr Espinosa has written to at least one student telling them they ‘will not be allowed to use the term illegal to refer to an unauthorized immigrant’ because it ‘dehumanizes, marginalizes and racializes the people it seeks to describe.’

In his wisdom and generosity, Espinosa grants that students may use the term illegal immigration – ‘since it describes a social process’ – but ‘you will not be allowed to use the term illegal to refer to a human being. Starting next week, any assignment or discussion post that uses the word “illegal immigrant” to refer to an unauthorized will not be accepted.’

Cockburn wonders: isn’t ‘unauthorized’ a more dehumanizing word than ‘illegal’? Anyway, the full message to one of his students, Hannah Emerson, is reprinted below. Readers can judge for themselves.

Economy & Business

Mexico Kicks Off War on its Vast Black Market for Oil   

Wolf Street – “We’re not just talking about the theft of oil, but about a plan involving government insiders and a complex distribution system. It’s not easy to distribute and sell the pilfered contents of 600 pipelines each and every day.”

Mexico’s new government has launched a multi-pronged offensive against the rampant oil theft that is costing state-owned oil company Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) billions of dollars a year and destabilizing entire swaths of the country. Upon its orders, around 4,000 federal police agents, soldiers, and marines will be posted to protect 58 Pemex facilities, six refineries, 39 supply terminals, and 12 pumping stations.

The government will also launch an investigation of civil servants and managers of Pemex’s logistics division suspected of involvement in the oil theft. President Andres Manual Lopez Obrador (AMLO for short) told a news conference his government would combat the theft “outside and inside” Pemex, saying authorities were also complicit in many of the crimes (as we have previously reported).

“This is the theft of national assets, of public funds, of money that belongs to all Mexicans,” he said. “We’re not just talking about the theft of oil, the tapping of the pipelines, but about a plan involving government insiders and based on a complex distribution system. After all, it’s not easy to distribute and sell the pilfered contents of 600 pipelines each and every day.”

Automakers Prepare for “No-Deal” Brexit   

Wolf Street – Honda, the fourth largest car producer in the UK, has unveiled plans to halt its UK production for the first six days of April in order to stockpile parts in the immediate aftermath of Britain’s exit from the EU. The announcement came on Thursday, the same day that UK Premier Theresa May met her Japanese counterpart Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to discuss Brexit-related issues, and reads as follows:

“Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd has been assessing how best to prepare for any disruption caused by logistics and border issues following the UK leaving the EU on 29 March 2019.

“To ensure Honda is well paced to adjust to all possible outcomes, we are planing six non-production days in April 2019.

“This is to facilitate production recovery activity following any delays at borders on parts. These contingency provisions have been put in place to best mitigate the risk of disruption to production operations at the Swindon factory.”

Science & Technology

Ford vehicles to deploy 5G brain cancer technology in vehicles by 2020, frying your brain while you drive

Newstarget – Ford has announced that it will deploy cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technology in all of its new American car models from the year 2022 onward. The technology will enable vehicles to communicate with one another as well as traffic management infrastructure like traffic lights. Pedestrians will also have the ability to transmit their locations to cars, ostensibly boosting the safety of walkers and cyclists.

The car maker claims it will be useful for situations like four-way stops, enabling vehicles to communicate with one another about who has the right of way. It could also be used for vehicles that are involved in accidents to give approaching vehicles advance status of the situation so they can avoid danger. Traffic lights, meanwhile, would be able to send drivers signals to alert them when they are about to turn red or green or to let them know if they are about to run a red light.

In a Medium post announcing the move, Ford Connected Vehicle Platform and Product Executive Director Don Butler expressed Ford’s excitement over the technology, but he failed to mention the huge downside of all of this connectivity.

Butler wrote that the effort’s timing was “perfect” in light of the cellular industry’s push for building 5G networks, but what price will we all pay for this? For all of its greater speeds and connectivity, 5G could put our health at very serious risk.

“Covert” facial recognition street lights coming to a neighbourhood near you

Reuters – Singapore Technologies Engineering has won a S$7.5 million ($5.5 million) contract for the trial of a smart lamp-post project in Singapore, which includes fitting sensors and cameras to posts in the city-state, according to the government’s official tender website.

The project is part of a broader “Smart Nation” plan developed by the Singapore government to use cutting-edge technology, designed to improve people’s lives while promising sensitivity to privacy concerns.

However, an aspect of the lamp-post trial to install cameras linked to facial recognition software has raised privacy fears among some security experts and rights groups.

ST Engineering, in an email, confirmed that it was working on the project.


Top 9 Reasons to Optimize Your Nitric Oxide Production

Mercola – In the modern diet, nitrates can be found both in nitrate-rich plant foods and in processed meats. However, while nitrates from plant foods promote nitric oxide production, processed meats trigger conversion of nitrates into carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds.

Nitrites from plants turn into beneficial nitric oxide due to the presence of antioxidants such as vitamin C and polyphenols.

Nitric oxide is a soluble gas, and while it’s a free radical, it’s also an important biological signaling molecule that supports normal endothelial function, lowers blood pressure, protects your mitochondria and more.

Plant foods high in nitrates include arugula, rhubarb, cilantro, butter leaf lettuce, spring greens, basil, beet greens, oak leaf lettuce, Swiss chard and red beets, especially fermented beets.

To further augment nitric oxide production, combine nitrate-rich plant food with probiotics.

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Video: Nitric Oxide “The Miracle Molecule” – Diabetes Testimony & More! John Hewlett interview on The Power Hour – January 11, 2019

Baking Soda, an Inexpensive Way to Combat Autoimmune Disorders

Mercola – A recent study found that drinking a solution of baking soda fights inflammation in the spleen, and a daily dose may reduce the inflammation caused by autoimmune conditions, when your immune system attacks healthy cells.

Several previous clinical trials have indicated that taking sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) supplements may slow the rate of degeneration in kidney function in patients with chronic kidney disease, or CKD.

Clinical trials used a baking soda solution on both rats and humans, resulting in more regulatory T cells, which help keep the immune system from responding by attacking its own tissues and fostering inflammation.

When scientists gauged the results of both rats and humans given a baking soda solution to drink, they recorded anti-inflammatory effects lasting for a minimum of four hours in the humans and three days in the rats.

Baking soda has been used for years as a solution for upset stomach, acid reflux and diarrhea, as well as for decreasing lactic acid for better workouts, killing Streptococcus mutans bacteria and whitening teeth

Fluoride chemicals dumped into the water supply are “unprocessed toxic waste” chemicals, warns Children’s Health Defense

NaturalNews – The topic of fluoride in drinking water has been hotly debated for many years, with one side insisting it is safe while evidence on the other side piles up showing just how wrong that notion is. Now, Children’s Health Defense is trying to spread the word about what exactly your family is ingesting when you drink fluoridated water.

Over the years, fluoride has come to be associated with good dental health for many people; it doesn’t carry the negative connotation you might expect the concept of drinking chemicals would, thanks to the PR efforts of those with a vested interest in the practice. But if it’s really so beneficial, why is it that other countries – many of which are usually eager to adopt genuinely useful American innovations – are refusing to get on board?

The U.S. is one of just a few developed nations in the world that adds industrial silicofluorides to drinking water. Just five percent of the global population drinks water that has been chemically fluoridated, and more Americans drink this type of water than people in every other country combined. In western Europe, for example, just three percent of the population consumes such water; incidentally, their tooth decay rates aren’t any higher than those in the U.S. Most countries there don’t fluoridate at all – for example, places like Switzerland, Germany, France, and Italy – while just three countries do fluoridate to some extent: the Irish Republic, Spain, and the U.K.