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100 Years Ago This Week: US Packs 249 Commie Bastards on the ‘Red Ark’ (USAT Buford) and Ships them off to Mother Russia

Gateway Pundit – One Hundred Years Ago This Week…

On December 21, 1919 the United States Government packed 249 commies and anarchists on the “Red Ark” the USAT Buford and sent the ship to Russia.

Merry Christmas!

“The ship USAT Buford, labeled the “Red Ark,” embarked from New York City on this day, carrying 249 aliens who were deported because of their alleged anarchist or Communist beliefs. The most famous passenger was the anarchist, birth control advocate and anti-war activist Emma Goldman, who had been arrested June 15, 1917, for opposing the draft. She was accompanied by her companion, the anarchist Alexander Berkman (September 7, 1922). An estimated 184 of the 249 aliens on the Buford were members of the Union of Russian Workers, which had been one of the principal targets of the first Palmer Raids on November 7, 1919. All of the passengers were shipped to the Soviet Union.

  1. Edgar Hoover, then a young bureaucrat in the Bureau of Investigation who played a major role in the Palmer Raids, personally went to New York City to witness the sailing of the Buford. They met at the dock and, incredibly, Hoover asked her, “Haven’t I given you a square deal, Miss Goldman?”

The deportation was part of the post-World War I Red Scare that also included a second and larger set Palmer Raids that began on January 2, 1920.

What a wonderful Christmas gift to Mother Russia.

Aussie PM Scott Morrison Rejects Greta Thunberg’s Climate Advice

Breitbart – Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday rejected Swedish climate worrier Greta Thunberg and her gratuitous advice, declaring he was “not here to impress people overseas.”

Thunberg retweeted a video from Australian media outlet 9 News on Sunday, adding politicians had failed to connect “increased extreme weather events and nature disasters.”

Construction of structure at North Korea site, satellite images show, amid fears of ‘Christmas present’ missile

Fox – A new satellite image of a factory where North Korea makes military equipment used to launch long-range missiles shows the construction of a new structure.

The release of several images from Planet Labs comes amid concern that North Korea could launch a rocket or missile as it seeks concessions in stalled nuclear negotiations with the United States. North Korea recently has warned of a possible “Christmas gift,” saying the Trump administration was running out of time on nuclear negotiations, and it was up to the U.S. to choose what “gift” it gets from Pyongyang.

U.S. News, Politics & Government

FBI official gets short jail sentence for spying on U.S. citizen

Sharyl Attkisson – An FBI official who illegally spied on a political rival to Special Counsel Robert Mueller will serve a week in jail.

The sentence came Friday after 60-year old Mark Tolson, then an FBI analyst, admitted illegally accessing the computer of a political rival of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in October 2018 during the investigation into President Trump. That rival was a Washington lobbyist Jack Burkman.

Tolson also admitting sending the victim’s personal information to a journalist, who did not act on it.

Tolson argued he was motivated to conduct the illegal act because he wanted to protect Mueller. Burkman was said to be planning a news conference to raise sexual harassment allegations against Mueller.

However, prosecutors took issue with Tolson’s claim that he was just trying to protect Mueller from what he thought were false accusations. They argued that if Tolson had simply wanted to protect Mueller, he would have brought the information he retrieved from spying on Burkman to the FBI first; not a reporter.

Tolson’s wife also helped in the scheme by providing some information. She had conducted work for Burkman in the past.

Tolson’s wife was not charged.

This is actually a very serious offense. You’re lucky. Your wife is lucky. The government could have prosecuted her as well.

Leonie Brinkema, U.S. District Court Judge, speaking to Defendant Tolson

Burkman claims that “others at the FBI” used the material Tolson turned over to obtain wiretaps against Burkman and blogger Jacob Wohl. Burkman says he plans to file suit against Tolson in federal court.

Alabama Police Shoot Woman After Entering Her Home While Trying To Arrest Man Who Was Already In Jail

Daily Wire- Police officers in Mobile County, Alabama, entered a home and shot a woman while trying to arrest a man who was already in jail. Authorities are now blaming the woman because she held up a shotgun at them after they entered her home erroneously.

Police officers were dispatched to the home to arrest 41-year-old Nicholas McLeod, who used to live in the house that was stormed. McLeod had several outstanding warrants for his arrest. But McLeod no longer lived in the home. Instead, his nephew, Christopher, lived in the house along with his fiancé, Ann Rylee, 19.

Christopher told news outlets that he was outside the house when multiple police officers pulled up, decked out in body armor and carrying rifles. Christopher said the officers told him to put his

Dershowitz: ‘It’s difficult to imagine anything more unconstitutional’ than for Pelosi to deny Trump a trial

The Blaze – Renowned attorney Alan Dershowitz said this week that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to delay the Senate trial could run afoul the Constitution.

In an article published in Newsmax, Dershowitz rebutted an idea raised by his Harvard Law colleague Laurence Tribe who has argued that Pelosi is within her right to withhold the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump from the Senate to gain leverage in negotiations.

Study: Immigration to Redistribute 26 Congressional Seats to Blue States for 2022 Electionhands up

The nation’s illegal and legal immigration system will help shift 26 congressional seats, primarily from red states, and redistribute them to mostly blue states next year, according to new analysis.

Every year, the United States imports about 1.2 million legal immigrants who largely arrive to reunite with foreign relatives already in the country. This level of annual legal immigration is in addition to the hundreds of thousands of foreign workers who arrive on work visas every year and nearly a million illegal aliens who successfully enter the U.S.

he Center for Immigration Studies’ Steven Camarota and Karen Zeigler finds that annual illegal and legal immigration to the U.S. will redistribute political power in the form of 26 House seats away from a number of red states and towards massively populated blue states like California and New York.

“To put this number in perspective, changing the party of 21 members of the current Congress would flip the majority in the U.S. House,” Camarota and Zeigler note.

Ohio, a swing state that voted for President Trump in 2016, will get three fewer congressional seats in 2020 due to mass immigration in other states. Michigan and Pennsylvania, also states that voted for Trump in 2016, will each have two fewer congressional seats. Wisconsin, a Trump-supporting swing state, will have its congressional seats cut by at least one.

Their Pro-Abortion Convictions Melt Away After Watching What One REALLY Looks Like

Clash Daily – This video does not show the graphic depiction of the ‘procedure’ itself, but the reactions of abortion supporters as they realize what really happens.

There is a profound difference between believing in something as an abstraction and believing in it as it really exists in the real world.

There are some things that we speak about in bland clinical terms that we would see in a very different light if we ever saw it up close and personal.

Here are a few examples: Domestic violence. War. Addiction. Car crashes. Gang violence. Terminal cancer.

Confirmed: Abortionists really are Satan’s minions – check out this extraordinary video that was BANNED by YouTube

NaturalNews – A pro-life group known as “Created Equal” has released a powerful new documentary entitled, Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons that exposes the many inextricable links between Satanism and the abortion industry.

UPDATE: The video was banned by YouTube, but it has been posted to, the free speech alternative to YouTube. See below…

This 22-minute film, which you won’t want to miss, offers an inside look at the disturbing connections between the pro-death zealotry of Planned Parenthood fanatics and the aggressive “do as thou wilt” religious philosophy of Satanists.

As it turns out, pro-abortionists and Satanists both share the same autonomous mindset with regards to death. The former believe that they have an unrestricted right to death on demand, while the latter see death and blood sacrifice as a form of homage to their god.

Not only that, but many self-avowed Satanists are also aggressive advocates for abortion, illustrating that legalized baby murder directly intersects with the tenets of Satanism.

“Created Equal has been increasingly harassed by abortion advocates who overtly identify as Satanists,” says organization founder and president Mark Harrington.

“And those who love death (abortion advocates) are often quick to embrace Satanism’s [tenets]. We hope to awaken a sleeping church to the spiritual battle we face.”

Be sure to check out Mark Harrington’s The Mark Harrington Show podcast at

Watch the full mini-documentary at:

EXCLUSIVE: Trump hosts Amish in historic Oval Office visit

Washington Times – President Trump began the holiday break by hosting an Amish delegation in the Oval Office, the first time members of the reclusive community have received that honor.

They might be an odd pairing — the brash and extravagant billionaire president and the humble Amish — but they enjoy a kinship in their Christian faith and work ethic, the Amish visitors told The Washington Times.

“He is a common man just like me and everybody else — very common, very friendly. He called us friends when we walked in there,” said Levi Miller, 56, an Amish farmer from Ohio. “It gets people excited that we have somebody in there who is not afraid to talk about Jesus Christ.”

Remember that ‘Christianity Today’ is Backed by George Soros

Pulpit & Pen – Christianity Today called for the U.S. Senate to affirm the impeachment of the U.S. House against President Donald J. Trump. As you soak that in, we’ll remind you that it’s already been reported by this publication (and others) that Christianity Today is a Soros front organization.

The post, previously mentioned in an earlier article today entitled Top Three Liberal Articles from Democrat Rag, Christianity Today, was written by Alan Atkinson earlier this year and first published at the Capstone Report. The article referred to is Christianity Today and Ed Stetzer Partner with Soros Immigration Invasion.

George Soros, the wealthy billionaire Democrat financier, “rents evangelicals;” a fact that has been widely reported and indisputably and broadly claimed (like in this article at the Washington Post).

Stetzer and Christianity Today posted an article promoting George Soros’ immigration plan on November 7. In it, they said that “evangelicals should help lead” Soros’ immigration plan.

That immigration plan was planned and promoted by the Evangelical Immigration Table, which is a Soros front organization of the National Immigration Forum and is ultimately traced directly back to Soros’ Open Societies Foundation. That Soros owns the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) is so well-known, it’s not worth answering any ill-informed dispute of the knowledge. Well-known Christian leader, Eric Metaxas, got off the board and repudiated it when he found out that it was a Soros operation.

Christianity Today is in “cahoots” with Soros in a verifiably documented way. It should come as no surprise they’re calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Just in Time for Christmas: Bernie’s Campaign Has Mailed ‘Family Persuasion Guides’ so You Can Be Converted to Socialism by the One Group You Believe Is Smarter Than You: Your Kids

Red State – If you’d like to have an especially Most Wonderful Time of the Year this December, do what you know will strike the bullseye: Sit down with your loved ones, join hands, and fight over Washington and politics.


Bernie Sanders knows bitter arguments are the reason for the season, so he’s offering supporters quite the Yuletide Delight.

Bern — who’s not doing so hot with voters over 50 — wants to change the minds of the older set via the one bastion of wisdom he’s sure they’ll wholly listen to: their kids.

Therefore, according to The Wall Street Journal, America’s rich uncle is arming the youth with “family persuasion guides” — they’re just what youngsters need in order to completely ruin Christm– I mean, in order to slyly convince people who own their own homes, have their student loans paid off, and are eligible for actual medicare to suddenly and without logical explanation become socialists — that would be, people who believe you shouldn’t have the right to own your own business.


So how do the kiddos start the revolution? Apparently, by reminding Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa they’ll one day be dead.

From Students for Bernie: Family Persuasion Guide:

It’s up to us as students and young people to make the moral appeal to our older relatives to join us in voting for Bernie, because let’s face it: They won’t be around for as long to deal with the consequences of this election, but we will be.

Excellent pitch; I’m sold already. “Human mortality” is all one need say in order to convince me everything should be ruled by government.

You’re gonna be dead soon anyway — why enjoy autonomy?

As noted by The Daily Wire, the Sanders campaign is gettin’ out the books in a hurry:

The campaign isn’t even waiting for young supporters to seek out the guide or offering the book through social media as a free download the way the Obama Administration often did when it wanted its own young supporters to talk about the Affordable Care Act or other legislative priorities at the holiday dinner table. Nope. The campaign actually mailed the guide to around 3,000 committed Bernie-acs before Thanksgiving and will be sending a follow up brochure right before Christmas.

For some, the learning curve will be minimal:

Some parts of the guide build on existing Sanders communications software, like “BERN,” the official peer-to-peer Bernie Sanders canvassing app, but the Family Persuasion Guide actually has a very specific target — old people — and it’s part of a much larger strategy: a full-court press on the elderly in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

As per, Bernie’s campaign “has made more of an effort to focus on seniors in the past three months and hopes to peel off some voters who have been supporting other candidates.”

And Christmas is the best time to do that.

Economy & Business

Boeing fires embattled CEO Dennis Muilenburg

ABC – Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg has been fired, the company announced Monday morning.

David Calhoun, currently the chairman of Boeing’s board of directors, was named new CEO.

CFO Greg Smith will serve as interim CEO until Calhoun takes on the role on Jan. 13.

With the “new leadership,” Boeing said in a statement, the company “will operate with a renewed commitment to full transparency, including effective and proactive communication with the FAA, other global regulators and its customers.”

China Announces Tariff Cuts on 850+ Imported Products

Breitbart – China said Monday it will reduce tariffs Jan. 1 on more than 850 foreign products including frozen pork, asthma medications and some high-tech components to spur economic development.

The announcement followed an interim trade agreement with Washington in a tariff war that has rattled financial markets.

S&P 500 set for another record open as Trump says close to trade deal

Reuters – The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq hit fresh record highs on Monday as President Donald Trump said an initial U.S.-China trade pact would be signed “very shortly”, while Boeing shares lifted the Dow after the planemaker fired its chief executive officer.


Americans Spent $3.6 Trillion on Healthcare in 2019

Newsmax – The U.S. healthcare system remains broken and the root of these problems is lost in the 2020 presidential race as Americans spent $3.6 trillion on healthcare last year and it will not get cheaper, according to Axios.

As the right and left debate “how best to cover the uninsured” and the “relative virtue of healthcare choice,” the reality is it will be getting more and more expensive regardless, per the report in Axios’ “What Matters 2020” series.

“Voters want their healthcare costs reduced, but that doesn’t mean they would necessarily support what it would take to make that happen,” Kaiser Family Foundation Executive VP Larry Levitt told Axios.

The Axios report focused on the areas of rising costs, including hospitals (accounting for $1 trillion of the costs last year) and drug companies (the most profitable sector of healthcare).

New Discovery May Prevent Baldness

Newsmax – The best way to avoid baldness is to stop hair from falling out in the first place. Now, researchers say a new hair growth discovery might help men keep their locks for a lifetime.

The new insight involves a structure lying within the hair follicle.

“Our major discovery is a previously unknown smooth muscle that surrounds hair follicles and is called the dermal sheath,” explained lead researcher Dr. Michael Rendl, associate director of the Black Family Stem Cell Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.

Rendl explained that in the life cycle of each human hair, a new hair shaft is created by so-called dermal papilla cells. These specialized cells begin at the base of growing hair follicles, but then move slowly upwards toward stem cells that are found at the follicle’s tip.

These stem cells receive signals from the nearby dermal papilla cells “to start the next growth phase and make a new hair shaft, while the previous hair shaft is shed,” the researchers explained in a Mount Sinai news release.

However, sometimes this cell-to-cell partnership gets interrupted. And that could play a role in hair loss.

5 Health Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

Mercola – Cinnamon is a spice known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antidiabetic, anticancer and antimicrobial properties. It may also help lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases. These benefits may be passed on to cinnamon tea.

In small amounts, cinnamon and cinnamon tea may be safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. However, in large quantities, the safety of this spice is not known.

Cinnamon is one of the world’s most popular spices, but aside from adding it to your food, did you know that you can make tea with it, too? Sip on this spicy beverage and reap its wholesome benefits


Bill Cosby’s spokesman rips Eddie Murphy as ‘Hollywood Slave’ over ‘SNL’ jab

Page Six – Bill Cosby‘s spokesman likened Eddie Murphy to a “Hollywood Slave” on Sunday in response to the star’s jokes about the disgraced comedian.

The comment came after Murphy, now a father of 10, appeared on “SNL,” where he threw barbs about Cosby being in jail.

Murphy said the 82-year-old Cosby was no longer “America’s Dad.”

“If you would have told me 30 years ago that I would be this boring, stay-at-home house dad and Bill Cosby would be in jail, even I would have took that bet,” Murphy said.

“Who is America’s dad now?”