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World News

Venezuela arrests 131 accused of economic sabotage

Angry French farmers sow Chinese-owned field in investor protest

Aftershocks of cover-up accusation felt in Rome

THE END? Assange isolation intensifies; Faces eviction

Brazil presidential hopeful: Let police kill criminals

Argentina Peso Plunges to Record Low

U.S. News

California Dems Outraged As IN-N-OUT BURGER Donates To GOP.

Kaepernick NFL grievance headed to trial.

Rudy Preps ‘Counter-Report’ to Question Mueller ‘Legitimacy’.

Al Gore Message to Pres. Trump: Resign

Top McCain Aides Shut Out From Funeral.

Economy & Business

President eliminates pay raises for civilian federal employees

AMAZON hits $2,000 per share

Labor Day gas prices hit 4-year high

Airports Open Gaming Parlors to Occupy Fuming Travelers

Energy & Environment

Earthquake early-warning system sent alarm 3 seconds before Los Angeles temblor.

Science & Technology

BOEING Wins Big Navy Contract for Drones

Trump Jr. says he’d back a new conservative social media

Franken-algorithms: Deadly consequences of unpredictable code

FACEBOOK risks being dragged into war crime trials, UN warns


UPDATE: China ignores request to share samples of virus with pandemic potential… Disease X..

Yoga as effective as pill at cutting blood pressure

Mad cow disease diagnosed in Florida

Widely Used Diabetes Drugs Cause Flesh-Eating Genital Infectionx

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