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World News


UK: Tommy Robinson, an Activist Against Muslim Rape Gangs, Was Released from Prison and Is Out on Bail

Needtoknow – Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett, the highest judge in the land, released Tommy Robinson from imprisonment for contempt of court. A 13-month sentence was imposed on the same day as Robinson’s arrest in May for filming outside a grooming rape-gang trial in Leeds. The Attorney General will now decide if a Crown Court should hold a rehearing in the contempt proceedings. The government backed down when confronted with protests week after week, demanding Tommy’s release.


Ontario’s new Conservative government to end basic income experiment

The Guardian – Ontario’s new Conservative government has said it will scrap the province’s basic income pilot, calling it expensive and unsustainable – and bringing an abrupt end to North America’s first government-backed trial of the idea in decades.


Trudeau Faces Growing Doubts Over Canada’s Refugee Policy

WSJ – New poll shows intensifying concerns over surge of asylum seekers entering by foot from the U.S.


China Forces All Religious Buildings to Fly Communist Flag

Breitbart – China’s state-run newspaper Global Times derided critics in the West Thursday for condemning a new initiative forcing all religious buildings to fly China’s red flag as a means to “enhance the concept of nation.”

The newspaper claimed the move was necessary because, without imposing the government’s wishes on individual religions, the nation could “lurch toward war.”


U.S. News, Politics & Government


3 Men from the Bundy Ranch Standoff Face Years in Prison Despite the Case Being Dismissed.  This Is A Personal Vendetta. And They Need Your Help

Needtoknow – Judge Gloria Navarro dismissed the underlying indictment in the USA v Cliven Bundy case that involved a standoff between Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management. The dismissal was based on the fact that the prosecution hid important evidence during the trial that, if known to the defense, would have proven the innocence of the defendants. Despite dropping charges for most of the remaining defendants, the ones who were tried first are still facing years of prison time. Please review the facts in this article and, if you agree that an injustice is being done, then sign the petition for a presidential pardon for these men.


Cop Who Shot LaVoy Finicum In The Back Named – Media Screams “Safety Concerns” For Officer

Dcclothesline – As we close the week, the latest bombshell to come out of Oregon in the case against Special Agent Astarita is the name of Officer #1.

As SWAT officer Bob Olson took the stand, he named the officer who fired the fatal shots into Finicum;

That information made its way onto social media, as it should have via BJ Soper and Ammon Bundy, who has been calling for the jury in the Bundy case to consider whether they would have convicted some of the defendants if the prosecution had not violated the defendants’ rights and the law.

You see, the media is actually working to protect the real criminals in all of this.  They aren’t concerned that an innocent man was shot in the back and killed by an officer that they wish was unnamed.  No, they are more concerned that that innocent man be branded a criminal and the officer be branded a hero all to save face in the light of a tyrannical government that has engaged for decades in unconstitutional land grabs and violation of the rights of the people they are supposed to serve.


Paul Manafort, Trump’s Former Campaign Manager, Faces 305 Years in Prison for Tax Evasion

Needtoknow  -President Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, became subject to Mueller’s investigation as a means of obtaining incriminating evidence against Trump. The idea of Russian collusion was merely a facade to justify the investigation. Manafort is accused of tax evasion that occurred before he met Trump. The average sentence for tax fraud is one year and three months, but the prosecutor, who is an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter, is seeking a prison term of 305 years for Manafort. Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz, says that the Mueller team is squeezing Manafort to get him to ‘sing’ against Trump, but the judge has expressed concern that the requested sentence is so extreme that it may motivate Manafort to make something up to avoid spending the rest of his life in prison.


Maxine Waters Makes ANOTHER Attempt to Propagate Public Riots

Constitution –  The media has been feeding this monster, of course, as the cloven hooves of a possible “New Civil War” are heard beating in the distance.  Or, perhaps they are a figment of our imagination, echoed in the networks full of “news” that tend to dominate the television landscape.

The manifestation of this coming conflict has been in the open for some time, and California Representative Maxine Waters knows it.  That’s why the aging Congresswoman has been hard at work cementing her legacy as an American insurgent and rabble-rouser in the late stages of her career.  Her famous “make them uncomfortable” speech was, apparently, just the beginning as well, with the angry liberal again imploring those unfortunate enough to be within earshot of her plans for a coup, or a revolution.


Obamacare is now optional

Washington Examiner – At long last, the Trump administration has created a “freedom option” for people suffering under Obamacare. A final rulemaking issued Wednesday reverses an Obama-era regulation that exposed the sick to medical underwriting. The new rule will expand consumer protections for the sick, cover up to two million uninsured people, reduce premiums for millions more, protect conscience rights, and make Obamacare’s costs more transparent. And unlike President Barack Obama’s implementation of his signature healthcare legislation, it works within the confines of the law.


Man Breaks Into House and Finds Armed Mother Waiting for Him (Video)

Daily Sheeple – A man broke into a home to immediately find a shotgun in his face.

Here’s the home security camera footage.


Noam Chomsky: Russian Interference Isn’t Influencing US Elections–But Israel Definitely Is

World-renowned author and lecturer Noam Chomsky pointed out in a recent interview that Israel has actually had far more influence in the United States political system than Russia ever has, in the wake of mass media hysteria about alleged “collusion” in the 2016 election.

Check out his interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now HERE


NRA sues New York officials for hurting ability to operate

Townhall – The National Rifle Association says it’s suffering grave financial harm that’s threatening the group’s ability to pursue its advocacy mission because of actions by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York regulators.

In an amended version of a federal lawsuit filed in May, the NRA says it has lost insurance coverage because of the state’s enforcement actions against companies underwriting an NRA-branded insurance program called Carry Guard.


McCain 2019 Defense Bill ‘Whips’ Turkey for S-400 Deal, Targets Russia, China

Sputnik – The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 is ready for US President Donald Trump’s signature. Speaking to Sputnik, US peace activist Jan R. Weinberg expressed concerns over the bill’s bellicose spirit and predicted that Washington’s expansionism will eventually backfire on the US economy.


Economy & Business


Who Does America Belong to?

Paul Craig Roberts – America is a country hollowed out by the short-term greed of the ruling class and its shills in the economics profession and in Congress. Capitalism only works for the few. It no longer works for the many.

On national security grounds Trump should respond to Ford’s announcement of offshoring the production of Ford Focus to China by nationalizing Ford.  Michigan’s payrolls and tax base will decline and employment in China will rise. We are witnessing a major US corporation enabling China’s rise over the United States. Among the external costs of Ford’s contribution to China’s GDP is Trump’s increased US military budget to counter the rise in China’s power.

Trump should also nationalize Apple, Nike, Levi, and all the rest of the offshored US global corporations who have put the interest of a few people above the interests of the American work force and the US economy. There is no other way to get the jobs back. Of course, if Trump did this, he would be assassinated.

America is ruled by a tiny percentage of people who constitute a treasonous class. These people have the money to purchase the government, the media, and the economics profession that shills for them. This greedy traitorous interest group must be dealt with or the United States of America and the entirety of its peoples are lost.


Amazon now pays even LESS tax while struggling High Street firms pay up to 20 times more

Mirror – EXCLUSIVE: The online retailer paid £4.6million last year – or just over 6% on profits of £72million – despite the firm’s UK sales soaring by a quarter to £8.8billion in 2017


Science & Technology


Chase ATMs go cardless

Fox – Forgot your bank card? No worries. Chase has you covered.

The New York City-based bank announced that it has expanded its cardless access to nearly all of its 16,000 ATMs nationwide.

The new technology will allow customers to get cash through their phone’s mobile wallet without needing a physical debit card or an access code for authentication.

Users can simple “tap” their smartphone on the ATM to “easily and securely access money on the go.”


Modified mosquitoes wipe out whole city’s dengue for the first time

New Scientist – Dengue virus has effectively been wiped out in Townsville, Australia, following the release of anti-dengue mosquitoes in 2014.

The Queensland city has recorded zero cases of locally-transmitted dengue in the four years since the modified mosquitoes were released, compared to 54 cases in the previous four years.

The trial represents the first successful use of modified mosquitoes to eliminate a mosquito-borne virus across a whole city.


Gardening, Farming & Homesteading


Preserving the Harvest – Canning and Dehydrating

The Prepper Journal – ‘Tis the season of garden harvests in North America (and garden planning south of the equator). If we’re lucky, it gets to the point where we look at the harvests accumulating in our freebie buckets and hoarded supermarket bags and remind ourselves that abundance/overabundance is a good problem to have.

There’s probably 101 ways to preserve our harvests so be sure to check out this article focusing on some of the less “usual” methods.


6 Trees Every Survivalist Should Know

Artofmanliness – Being able to identify trees can not only be a source of pleasure, as the first Boy Scouts Handbook opined, but a matter of survival. If you become lost in the woods, trees are an abundant and easy-to-utilize resource, and can be used in a variety of ways, including as food, shelter, cordage, and materials for fire-starting and tool-making.

This article discusses  how to identify six trees that are particularly useful in survival scenarios, and the different ways they can be employed to keep you alive. Keep in mind that because many trees drop their leaves in the fall, it’s important to be able to identify them by both their leaves and buds, and their bark.

  1. White Birch (Paper Birch)
  2. American Basswood
  3. White Pine
  4. White Oak
  5. Sugar Maple
  6. Willow Tree

Read more on these tree’s survival uses.




Ibuprofen increases the risk of cardiac arrest by 30% — why do people still believe that NSAIDs are safe?

NaturalNews – One of the biggest mistakes many of us make when it comes to our healthcare choices is to divide the pharmacy into two sections in our minds: the over-the-counter, no limits, “safe” section; and the behind-the-counter, must have a prescription, “dangerous” section. It is very easy to conclude that not needing a prescription for a chemical drug means it’s safe and shouldn’t raise any red flags, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are some very dangerous medicines lurking in the over-the-counter section, as was confirmed again recently by a Danish study that found a link between the use of ibuprofen and a 31 percent increase in risk of cardiac arrest.


Echinacea: The All-American Flower

Mercola – Centuries ago, Native Americans primarily used echinacea to help treat the common cold. It still serves that purpose today, but have expanded to:

  • Boosting your immune system: The compounds in echinacea may help improve your immune system. In a study published in Integrative Cancer Therapies, echinacea has been shown to help reduce the severity and duration of colds if it is administered right away once symptoms appear. However, if you use echinacea several days after getting a cold, it won’t have much of an effect.4
  • Fighting against bacteria and viruses: echinacea contains a compound called echinacein, which can help against bacterial and viral infections. According to a study in Pharmaceutical Biology, echinacea exhibited antimicrobial properties and is effective against 15 different pathogenic bacteria and two pathogenic fungi.5
  • Speeding up wound healing: When applied to a wound, echinacea may help speed up the formation of new skin cells, while helping prevent an infection thanks to its antibacterial properties. According to a study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, the compound responsible for echinacea’s wound-healing benefit is echinacoside, which is present in several varieties of the flower.6

Aside from these benefits, echinacea may help treat many conditions.  Find out more about these conditions in this article.


Popular Kind of Meat Might Lead to Mood Swings and Mental Illness

Mercola – Beef jerky with nitrates added was linked to a host of concerning mental changes, including mania in humans and altered behavior and brain gene expression in rats.

People who were hospitalized with mania were 3.5 times more likely to have eaten cured meats like beef jerky than people without a history of psychiatric disorders.

Rats fed beef jerky with nitrates experienced mania-like hyperactivity and irregular sleeping patterns, along with alterations in brain pathways that have been implicated in human bipolar disorder and changes in intestinal microbiota.

Nitrates in processed meats may influence mental health by altering inflammatory processes and gut bacteria.


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