July 4, 2020

Today’s Guests: Dr. Elaina George + Jason Derkevics & Dr. Llewellyn

Thursday, November 07, 2019: 

Joining today to discuss healthcare reform is outspoken critic of Obamacare, Dr. Elaina George. Dr. George is the author of the book “Big Medicine: The Cost of Corporate Control and How Doctors and Patients Working Together can Rebuild a Better System”.


www.drelainageorge.com  – Dr George’s Blog, the place to purchase her book “Big Medicine: The Cost Of Corporate Control And How Doctors And Patients Working Together Can Rebuild A Better System”.

www.peachtreewellnesscoop.com – Dr. George’s clinic

Jason Derkevics & Dr. Llewellyn join The Power Hour to discuss how nutritional supplements can stop the degenerative process and simultaneously promote true healing. “Not all supplements are Grown By Nature, but they should be…”

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