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Welcome to The Power Hour Website. Guests for this week include Rachel Malone from Gun Owners Association, Dr. Gerald Pollack to discuss structured water, former CIA officer Robert David Steele, Ed McCabe on oxygenating your body, Kelby Smith to discuss Hollywood, James Fetzer will share JFK research, Thanksgiving reply on Thursday & Friday. To call the show live with show comments or questions please dial 866-582-9933. Please support The Power Hour show by visiting The Power Mall will be closed on Thursday, November 22nd & will resume regular business hours on Friday, November 23rd.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018:

Professor James McCanney joins to discuss all things science and current news.



Nevada rancher Ryan Bundy joins The Power Hour today to announce his gubernatorial run in Nevada and the recent Pardon from President Trump.


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Learning about our health, what is good and what is bad, has had a lot to do with the research and life of Dr. Sherry Rogers, through her shows and her many books. She joins The Power Hour today with her monthly tips and insights that we all take to heart. Become your own health advocate!


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July 11, 2018 (hour 1) – Guest James McCanney + Ryan Bundy

July 11, 2018 (hour 2) – Guest Sherry Rogers


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