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Today’s Guest: True Ott + Charlie Robinson

Wednesday, April 22, 2020:

Joining in the first hour of today’s show with and exclusive on the Coronavirus is A. True Ott. 

True is an author and publisher of dozens of articles and three books on nutrition, Dr. Ott is continually searching for natural solutions and answers to the nation’s chronic health problems, and believes that education is the first step. 

Charlie Robinson, author of The Octopus of Global Control joins The Power Hour to discuss how those in positions of power are able to manipulate society for their benefit, why they believe that they are entitled to impose their warped world view of reality on mankind, and how we can break free from their grip.  Charlie will share the 8 tentacles of control that are wrapped around humanity. Charlie’s book tackles topics such as uncovering the Deep State, false flag terror events, the media’s role in manufacturing wars, the 9/11 deception, the fraud of central banking, our broken education system, the use of religion to shape society, and the corrupted medical industry.

Facebook page for The Octopus of Global Control: www.facebook.com/theoctopusofglobalcontrol

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