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The Team

Kathryn Russell

Show Producer
I met Joyce Riley in 2009 when she was looking for an assistant who could help her with the day to day tasks of hosting the show. Joyce also had a vision of creating a daily newsletter for her listeners that could be sent out with all of the important show information along with the personal things that she liked to to share, like her recipes and photo’s of her adored animals. This is where my journey with The Power Hour began.
I had the pleasure of sitting in the studio with Joyce every morning at 7AM where I got to see the inner-workings of The Power Hour show. I listened to Joyce conduct her interviews while I was vigorously taking notes for The Power Hour Email Blast. I enjoyed getting to sit and talk with her after each show, discussing the guests and ideas we had for new shows.
I always had an interest in health and enjoyed helping others which only grew stronger working with The Power Mall and getting to speak with all of the wonderful folks who called. To this day I still enjoy answering the The Power Mall phone line when I can.
I ended up moving away but had such a dedication to The Power Hour that Joyce wanted me to keep helping the organization in any way possible long distance. Not long after that The Power Hour was without a show producer. In 2013 I took on this responsibility and have never looked back.
Each day I feel blessed and honored to have met Joyce Riley and be a part of The Power Hour family. I made a promise to Joyce that I would continue to produce the show and see to it that her legacy would continue. Working for The Power Hour has not been just a job for me but a deep rooted part of my life.

Jay (Joyce) Richardson

Power Mall Customer Care
I started my career in the grocery industry with Kroger Co. 28 years ago.  I had many positions with the company, one being head of the health food section which was where my love for health began.  I retired with the company after managing for 10 years and in 2008 came to The Power Mall.  These past years have gave me such insight to healthy living and eating habits and most of all, people.  I have always said that every person should have to work with the public for at least 2 weeks out of EVERY year and perhaps they would gather a little insight as to how they really do treat others.  I consider myself “a people person” so being at the Power Mall for me feels at home.  My passion in life is doing my best to make everyone else as healthy as possible, and sometimes without them even knowing it.  When I talk health issues with some people they look at me funny, but when something is wrong with them (like a stomach ailment) I bring them something from my house like charcoal and they get to feeling better.  They may not want to know much about it, but want some on hand for next time.  I just made them a little healthier, and they never knew how good that made me feel.