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The ominous new wall around America

Exclusive: Lowell Ponte blasts IRS chains shackling citizens

A new wall against emigrants has just been erected on America’s borders, but few citizens are aware of this invisible barrier.

This is not the wall President Donald Trump promised. This new wall does nothing to keep illegal aliens out. It also does nothing to prevent invading illegals from collecting social benefits virtually from the moment they arrive – thereby picking the pockets of American taxpayers.

This new wall is a barrier not to immigrants but to emigrants, designed to stop wealthy targeted taxpaying citizens from departing the United States.

President Barack Obama authorized the Internal Revenue Service to revoke the passport of any taxpayer whom the IRS arbitrarily deems to have “seriously delinquent tax debt.”

In our analysis of 19 little-noticed government traps designed to loot American citizens, Craig R. Smith and I in our book “Money, Morality & The Machine” warn the IRS now has the power to capriciously shut off anyone’s passport at the push of a computer button.

Citizens targeted “would not be permitted to leave the United States,” we write. “These citizens would be required to pay the demanded tax and penalties to exit, or live out their lives without leaving the United States under a kind of nationwide house arrest.”

This is not President Trump’s Great American Wall to stop invaders. It is more like the Berlin Wall that the East German government erected to prevent its serf taxpayers from escaping Communism.

It also resembles Communist Cuba, which claims that its citizens are free to leave … IF they reimburse what the Marxist government has paid for their healthcare, housing, food, education and more.

The Cuban government, of course, allows most citizens to earn very little … some as little as 10 Cuban pesos (worth roughly 37 cents) per month. Almost no Cubans, therefore, are able to pay what the government says is required to buy their manumission and become free.

What Cuba demands is exactly like a slave owner offering his slaves freedom – IF they reimburse him for his costs in buying, feeding, sheltering and chaining them while paying them nothing for their slave labor.

The IRS has just announced it is about to revoke the passports of 362,000 U.S. citizens it claims owe $50,000 or more in back taxes and penalties. Millions more could soon be denied freedom to travel outside the U.S. over much smaller purported tax debts.

This IRS power, opines ZeroHedge, “shows that you’re not even really a citizen. You’re just renting your citizenship from the government. And when they believe (in their sole discretion) that you owe them income tax, they’ll take it away from you.”

The IRS can now, in effect, confiscate your right to leave the U.S. by claiming you owe taxes. You are guilty unless you can meet the burden of proving your innocence.

Silicon Valley billionaires bought ranches in New Zealand, assuming they could escape there if our society broke down. Did they know President Obama gave the IRS the power to shake them down by instantly turning off their passports and then demanding a huge “exit fee”?

As we detail, this is only one of 19 different traps the government quietly put in place to confiscate all, or a fat share of, your savings.

With one of our two major political parties now rapidly turning socialist, the government’s need to take money from taxpaying Americans could soon skyrocket. The IRS could adopt almost unimaginable tactics of confiscation. We believe that this is why the 19 traps for taxpayers and savers were created. Thankfully, our book also shows ways that people, having been warned, can help avoid or protect themselves from these traps.

Leftists say they want to destroy America’s borders, and with them our identity as a sovereign and independent nation. Their goal is for America to become merely a borderless region ruled by a world government, and for wealth from our region to be politically redistributed globally.

Yo no creo en fronteras,” boasts Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota), the #2 official running the Democratic National Committee, when he appears before crowds of newly-arrived Hispanics. “I don’t believe in borders.”

Such leftists believe there should be no American borders to stop illegals from coming in. But they applaud stripping wealth from outbound American citizens by enforcing the U.S. border.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Berlin Wall that prevented emigrant escape was torn down. President Trump should now tear down Mr. Obama’s great tax wall of socialism and wealth confiscation.

Lowell Ponte is a former Reader’s Digest Roving Editor. His latest book co-authored with Craig R. Smith, “Money, Morality & the Machine,” reveals how bad money drives good morals out of society and how you can protect your family from the future of “Star Trekonomics.” For a free, postpaid copy, call toll-free 800-630-1492.