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Joining today’s show to discuss her Father’s tragic story is Thara Tenney, daughter of patriot LaVoy Finicum.  Thara has written a book titled Liberty Rising: One Cowboy’s Ascent: The murder of LaVoy Finicum.  Her hope is that the book will spark continued discussion about her family’s tragic story in an effort to get people asking hard questions.
Ebook and paperback of Thara’s book can be found on Amazon, limited edition hardback and paperback can be found on her family website.
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2 thoughts on “Thara Tenney – July 15, 2019 (Commercial Free)”

  1. He was a very inteligent person from what I saw in his video’s. It was obvious he was a gentle soul who stood up for what he believed. To me those are great qualities in a person. Death is different depending on how it happened.

  2. ____LAVOY FINICUM______AN AMERICAN HERO…A TRUE AMERICAN HERO, [not a fooled mind controlled pawn, killing people for the delight of the zioscumcabal “bankers”]…….
    TURN OFF THE TV , and

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