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More than six years of conflict in Syria have reduced much of the countryside and area surrounding Damascus to rubble, damaging or destroying nearly everything that might hold a community or society together. Yet thousands of families still live in these besieged towns and villages, or in nearby camps for the internally displaced—and they still try their best to give their children chances to learn. In areas that have been captured (or recaptured) and are considered safe, or regions that are relatively untouched by the war, Syrian students are making their way to class despite the risks. The region remains a war zone, however, and air strikes have hit several schools in recent months. Associated with this story, are a series of 24 pictures of children gathering in bombed out buildings, barns and in the remnants of rubble with whatever supplies of chalk, paper or books that might be available.   I would urge you to see the pictures of these little ones attempting to find normalcy amidst destruction  in Damascus, Raqqa, Aleppo, Douma and  and other Syrian cities.