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Silver Shield Deodorant Spray 2oz Regular or Sensitive Skin

** While supplies last

Silver Shield Deodorant Spray-On (2 oz)

Sensitive Skin Formula was developed for our customers who may find our Original Formula a bit irritating. This formula’s milder properties (with respect to the Original Formula) are due to a reduction in the essential oil blend concentration, the removal of some of the potentially irritating oils found in the original formula (e.g. cedarwood & bay oil), and a reduction in its alkalinity. Currently, this formula is our most lightly scented formula and the scent typically dissipates within minutes after application. The sensitive skin formulas are initially recommended for individuals who shave under the arms and/or are transitioning from aluminum-based/conventional antiperspirants/deodorants.

Don’t throw away that bottle! Silver Shield Deodorants are refillable! We currently offer 2X Refills in the formula of your choice, which will refill your 2oz Silver Shield Deodorant bottle (Roll-on, or Spray-on) twice. In the future we plan to offer more refill options for even greater savings and economy.

Price: $7.50

Visit or call 877-817-9829 to order today!