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Activist Post – Perhaps it should never be surprising when those who have dedicated their lives to the military should call for a further expansion of the military. However, two retired commanders – Charles F. Wald, Retired U.S. Air Force general, former Deputy Commander of EUCOM; and Ted Johnson, Retired Navy Commander – have penned the most blatant and revealing vision of the future of war I’ve yet come across. It is a vision that literally sees Earth as a prison with the military in charge of the prison population.

In this missive, titled “Military Omnipresence: A Unifying Concept for America’s 21st-Century Fighting Edge,” the two retired commanders convey the military mindset of full-spectrum dominance and control that has ensured a never-ending vortex of conflict from which the military superstate ultimately profits. The endgame, in true Orwellian style, is depicted as one where war becomes peace and only the all-seeing Panopticon of surveillance (real and imagined) can protect the freedom of those who have had all of their movements monitored and all personal liberties evaluated and approved within the “threat matrix.”

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