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Health Impact News – Former residents of an Ontario, Canada, psychiatric facility have been given the green light to proceed with a class action civil suit against two psychiatrists who, for years, carried out torturous treatment programs. Given the nature of the torturous “treatment” residents were subjected to, one can only wonder why the named psychiatrists are not being held criminally responsible for the acknowledged abuses.  Two psychiatrists, Dr. Elliott Thompson Barker and Dr. Gary Maier, of the Oak Ridge division of the Penetang Psychiatric Hospital in Penetanguishene, Ont., are accused of carrying out “treatment” programs on patients that presiding Justice Paul Perell described as “an inexcusable breach of fiduciary duty for a physician to torture a patient.”  The class action lawsuit includes 31 plaintiffs who were a part of the programs run at Oak Ridge between 1966 and 1983.

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