The Power Hour

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Protect Your Eyes During Today’s Eclipse    First and foremost, don’t look at the sun. The sun will not be any dimmer unless you’re in the path of totality. Repeat. Do not look at the sun.. Don’t use a telescope that doesn’t have a proper solar filter. Don’t look with binoculars. If you take a picture of it with your DSLR camera, likely you’re going to blow out the chip on your camera. If you use binoculars and look at the sun, you will go blind. It’s as simple as that and it won’t take long. It’ll take less than a second.

Solar Glasses are just about sold out everywhere in the United States, and it’s too late to get them wherever you’re at, so here’s what you want to do: build a pinhole camera. You’ll need 2 pieces of white card stock, aluminum foil, tape and a pin or paper clip. Cut a square hole in the middle of one of your pieces of paper. Tape a piece of aluminum foil over that square hole. Use a paper clip or pin and poke a small hole in the aluminum foil.

Place your second piece of card stock on the ground and hold the piece with aluminum foil above it  with foil facing up. Stand with the sun behind you and view the projected image on the card stock below! The farther away you hold your camera, the bigger your projected image will be. To make your projection a bit more defined, try putting the bottom piece of card stock in a shadowed area while you hold the other piece in the sunlight.