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Welcome to The Power Hour Website. Guests this week include Kelby Smith to discuss US is a corporation , herbal healthcare enthusiast Wayne Elliott, educational researcher Anita Hoge, author Patrick wood to discuss Constitutional issues with Coronavirus, nutritional physician Cass Ingram, Canadian writer George Freund will be guest hosting on Thursday along with Veteran Jack Mullen, hard hitters Dr. Sherry Rogers and Dr. Sherri Tenpenhy both join for a power packed Friday show. Please support The Power Hour show by visiting To call the show live with questions or comments: 844-769-2944. Please support The Power Hour show by visiting

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February 26, 2019 - admin - 4:18 am


Power Hour Guest Schedule for February 25 – March 01, 2019 Monday, February 25, 2019: Eric Madsen, founder of Team Law joins today for and informative discussion about common law.   For more information visit   Archives ...


February 4, 2019 - admin - 4:22 pm

Do You Need an Arterial Cleanse? Important Heart Health Info

January 30, 2019: Wayne Elliott lifelong herbal healthcare professional and international leader in the field of waste and resource recycling share’s timely information on the heart-health benefits of Strauss Heart Drops. You can purchas...


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Power Hour Guest Schedule for January 28 – February 01,  2019 Questions or comments for this week’s guests?  Call the show live from 3-5PM CST @ 866-582-9933 or email us at Monday, January 28, 2...


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Power Hour Guest Schedule for November 19 – 23. 2018 Monday, November 19, 2018: Joining in the second hour is Rachel Malone, the Texas Director for Gun Owners of America, who is spearheading GOA’s work within the Texas Legislature.  Gun Owne...


October 15, 2018 - admin - 12:51 am


Power Hour Guest Schedule for October 15 – 19, 2018   Monday, October 15, 2018:    Pastor Nicholas Wright from Covenant Love Christian Center joins to discuss freedom and responsibility. Website:   Arc...