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New Products From North American Herb & Spice

New Products Available from North American Herb & Spice @ The Power Mall

Hyper-Eez: made from mountain-grown herbs, spices, and handpicked, wild Hawthorne berries. It provides potent support and a dense nutrient base for optimal nutrition. Hyper-eez is ideal for supporting a healthy circulatory system; the heart, circulation, and kidneys, through its potent antioxidants and wild herbs.

Oreganol P73 Juice: To support pancreatic health nothing is more potent than Oreganol Juice. A hydro-sol essence which is highly oxygenated, it also supports the health of the liver and digestive tract. There are numerous benefits from the intake of this traditional spice essence, known for its benefits in health support for centuries. Oreganol Juice is the preferred home remedy for village people in Turkey as the means to support overall health for blood sugar, cardiovascular, respiratory, hormonal, and immune support.

SinuOrega: A potent spray to the extreme SinuOrega is wild spice oils in a sea salt saline base. It’s ideal for supporting a healthy sinus response. Use it also as a potent cleanse of the sinus membranes.

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