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A class action suit was filed yesterday against Monsanto, BASF and DuPont – the three largest dicamba manufacturers in the U.S.  It was filed on behalf of Brian Warren, owner and operator of Warren Farms in Broughton, Illinois. The complaint claims that Monsanto and other defendants deceptively marketed their latest dicamba formulations as “low volatility that would not be affected by wind drift and move off target, but instead, the chemical has done significant damage to millions of acres of American crops, including hundreds belonging to Mr. Warren. It also alleges that the chemical giants should have known this damage would occur, and that their actions were therefore “willful and malicious.”

Class A Action attorney Rene Rocha emphasized, “The dangers of this herbicide have been understood for decades. Unfortunately, instead of producing safe and effective weed control options, it appears that the defendants are using the threat of harm to eliminate their competition and dictate what crops farmers can and cannot plant.”