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Military Given Six Months to Incorporate Transgender Ban

The Pentagon will soon receive guidance on how the White House wants to roll out its military transgender ban, according to a report shared yesterday.

The guidance from the Trump administration is expected to give Defense Secretary Jim Mattis discretion to consider a service member’s ability to deploy when deciding whether to force them out of the country’s armed forces, according to the Wall Street Journal. A two-and-a-half page memo obtained by the Journal also directs the Pentagon to deny admittance to transgender applicants and to cease spending on related medical treatments. Additionally, it gives Mattis six months to implement the new policy.

President Trump announced the policy reversal in a series of tweets on one month ago that caught the Pentagon, lawmakers, and advocates off-guard.  After Trump’s announcement, Pentagon officials said they would wait for further guidance from the White House before introducing any changes.

Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter under former President Barack Obama announced in 2016 that transgender people already in the military could serve openly and directed service chiefs to formulate a transgender recruitment strategy by 7.1, 2017. After Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was confirmed, he announced a delay in the implementation of that direction.