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Common Sense Homesteading –  Quite often when I make mashed potatoes for supper, I end up with just a dab (less than a cup) of potatoes left – not really enough for another meal. So how do you stretch a small amount of potatoes into another meal sized portion? One option is chicken and gnocchi soup, another favorite option is this easy potato bread recipe.  Most of the “potato bread” recipes I’ve seen used powdered mashed potatoes – not something I keep in my pantry. My husband used to be a fan of store bought potato bread when we were first married – you know kind that resembles cotton candy in bread form? (Pretty sure they use potato flakes…) I was tickled to finally find a recipe that uses real mashed potatoes. I throw mine in just the way I serve them – butter, milk, salt and pepper included.  The recipe I use is based on one from The Bread Machine Cookbook V.

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