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Before the Washington Post report detailing 38 year old allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor against Senate candidate Roy Moore the polls showed Moore leading his Democratic opponent by 11 percentage points. Immediately following the report, the candidates were died at 46 % each. These percentage points now shift daily – and Moore has regained some of his lost momentum. From the beginning, the Republican Establishment including Senators Mitch McConnell. Roy Blunt, Mike Lee and Ohio Gov. John Kasich all conclude Moore should “step aside”, “if the allegations are true.”  Mitt Romney added his unconstitutional nonsense when he wrote, “Innocence until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not election,” professing his believe in the accuser.  Not everyone is ready to kick Moore out of the race. Alabama Congressman Ed Henry wonders., if those accusations have an ounce of truth, why would the women let it fester for nearly 40 years?  Candidate Roy Moore, has made it clear he’s not stepping down.