July 7, 2020

Human BioAcoustic Analysis of Jose Campos on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

The following evaluation is a Sonograph Vocal Profile developed from the research tenets of Human BioAcoustics.  The software used for this evaluation is available to the public from www.nanoVoice.org at no charge. Profiles are presented here in the hope of sparking discussion and insights.  All issues are expressed in term of Frequency Equivalents™

Did Las Vegas Shooting really happen

Jose Campos, security officer of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, gives first interview to Ellen DeGeneres after he was wounded during the Las Vegas shooting that killed 58 and wounded more than 400 others.  In the riots afterwards, it was reported that more than 896 others were killed.

Many people are claiming that the event did not happen; that it was a false flag.  We thought we attempt to set the record straight

Jose Campos’ voice indicates:

  • The event was real
  • So real to him that it became a religious experience which frightened him but also gave him strength
  • His information provided to Ellen was not rehearsed; it was very spontaneous and very emotional
  • Someone talked him into telling his story on the basis that is would benefit the world to know the truth
  • He would have been satisfied never to talk about it in public
  • No ego involved
  • Very high spiritual foundation for what he thinks about what happened
  • Is a bit naïve and still cannot quite believe what happened
  • He has a very strong sense of family obligations and what must be done to support others
  • Doesn’t have fear for himself physically but has concern for what may happen to other.

BioAcoustic Opinion

For Jose, this situation was real; NO false flag.  I don’t think the best actor in the world could have given a more authentic performance.  This man is gut level spiritually shook-up to his core about this experience.

STATEMENT OF FACT: The information herein contains opinions concerning correlations between personality traits and frequencies found within the voice.    The computer printouts are generated by a computer using fast Fourier transforms and voice spectral analysis developed by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology – a non-profit research organization:  SoundHealthOptions.com – 740-698-9119.




Vocal Profiling Note Correlate Chart

Thank you for taking the opportunity to experience the nVoice™ Personality Profiler computer program.  As you speak into the microphone, the computer will catalog your words into musical notes and patterns.  Your print-out will reflect the twelve notes of the musical scale – C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A# and B; plus the octave(s) in which you speak.  The notes, octaves and general architecture of your vocal graph are used to create a computerized nVoice Personality Profile for you.  Each of these notes has general characteristics which are explained in the chart above.  The database used for your analysis has been developed over the last twenty-plus years as we collected data.  We would appreciate feedback as to how you think your profile matches the REAL you.

   For this particular type of vocal profiling, your emotions can greatly influence the outcome.  If you would like information about a variety of subjects, take several voice samples; keeping to one subject for each profile.   Every print-out will be “flavored” by the subject you talk about.  

  You may find conflicting statements on your report.  This indicates that these same conflicts reside within your own personality.  As you talk about different subjects you will be able to determine the conflicts and joys of each subject.  

   If you doubt the accuracy of your nVoice Personality Profile, ask a friend who will tell you the truth about how you are perceived by others.

  If you print your report in color, there is a possibility that you will have one or more of four different colors on your chart- blue, red, yellow and green.  Multiple colors on one chart indicate a multi-faceted approach to that subject.   

  Blue is indicative of an overall love for humanity, the ability to put others first, an emotional perspective and possible naiveté.  A nun or minister type who gives more than they receive.

  Yellow is indicative of mental processing, an intellectual outlook, a logical, cautious perspective. A lawyer type who can see all sides and acts depending on the desired outcome.

  Green indicates a need to accomplish, someone who can plan ahead, appears reliable and is ready to go after careful thought. A Farmer type; on the negative side a con man.

  Red is indicative of a physical call to action but without a lot of thought for the consequences of the action.  Red likes to see and do things first before the rest of the crowd.  A Fireman type who can assess a situation quickly and act accordingly.

 Each note needs to be matched with a color and its interpretation.  

  For example someone could have a very high note of C that was red – this person might use his/her ego or strength to get their way without much thought for the outcome.  A bully or autocrat.  

  If the same high C was green that person might use their first-hand experience to manage getting something accomplished.  A leader by qualifications alone who may or may not have many people skills.  A workaholic who has little respect for the time commitments of others.  

  If the high C was yellow the person might want their way because of their education or position.  They tend to think they knew best for everyone involved.  There is usually a disregard for the opinions of others with this politically astute yet authoritarian perspective.

  If a high C is blue this is likely to be an emotional leader who champions a cause for the rights of others.  This is not always a logical or rational leadership style but more of a charismatic approach. An uncompromising extremist.

 Each note can be assessed using the color and note information.  Remember that the examples above are for extremes of a note being well above normal.

  Nothing is wrong in your voice; it is what you do with the information that is important.  This evaluation is by no means inclusive.  It serves to provide a perspective about you as it relates to your topic you chose. For more information about your nVoice report, please visit your nearest Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling professional.  

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