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Hempanol Products From North American Herb & Spice are Available by Calling The Power Mall @ 877-817-9829

Available Products:

Hempanol Gelcaps – 50 Softgels (also contains oregano oil)

Hempanol Oil – 1 fl oz (also contains oregano oil)

Hempol CF (Calm & Focus)– 1 fl oz

Hempanol CF (Calm & Focus) Gelcaps – 50 Softgels

Hempanol Brain Detox – 8 oz

Learn More About the Products:

Hempanol – 1 fl oz & Hempanol Gelcaps (50 Softgels)
Hempanol 1 fl  oz $44.99

Hempanol Gelcaps $49.99

100% raw CO2-extracted organic hemp oil with raw, wild CO2-extracted P73 oregano oil.

Hempanol is the highest grade whole food, organic hemp extract available. This is the CO2 extract of hemp, which means it is 100% raw. The CO2 extract captures all the key ingredients, including the full spectrum of canabanoids and the all-important, super-potent terpene, beta caryophyllene.

Top source of CB2 receptor activator beta caryophyllene. CB2 Receptor Activator and P73 Fortified

It is beta caryophyllene which is Nature’s most potent activator of key cellular receptors, known as CB2 receptors. The CB2 receptors are essential for activating a wide range of body functions. Their actions are critical for overall wellness and optimal health. The receptors are located strategically in key organ systems, including the brain, spinal cord, thyroid gland, adrenal glands, ovaries, testes, heart, spleen, intestines, and lymphatic cells. Upon activation, the receptors aid the body in a vast number of ways, modulating inflammation, boosting immune function, enhancing circulation, stimulating digestion, and improving neurological function.

A true whold food substance, beta caryophyllene is the most potent natural CB2 receptor activator known. It is found in rich amounts in the two ingredients of this formula, CO2 hemp and CO2 wild oregano. The wild oregano P73 helps activate and synergize the hemp, which is the richest food source of beta caryophyllene known. Both wild oregano and hemp contain unique forms of caryophyllene molecules. Support your health in every way possible through this potent formula. Feel the benefits of Hempanol to activate body functions where they are needed the most. Other key ingredients are the canabanoids, wild carvacrol, wild thymol, and wild aromatic esters. Its P73-fortified. That’s what makes Hempanol unique.

So, take Hempnol as a daily supplement, use it to support the body’s needs. It’s natural, organic, wild, and raw. What could be more powerful than that?

Through the powers of organic, CO2-extracted, raw hemp oil, Hempanol supports healthy activation of CB2 receptors.* CB2 receptors are crucial for maintaining optimal health.

Beta caryophyllene is a powerful CB2 receptor activator found in natural foods, and CO2-extracted hemp oil and wild oregano oil are among the richest sources. Contains 500 mg CO2-extracted hemp per bottle.

Hempanol-CF (Calm & Focus) Super Strength 1 fl oz & Hempanon-CF Gelcaps (50 softgels)

 Price $59.99 (for both the gelcaps and oil)

Wild-Source Cannabis ExtractSupports a healthy nervous system plus calm & focus

“Hemp 3000” is a powerful, supercritical, certified wild-source, organic cannabis extract—full cannabis profile, including rare, powerful terpenes, 3000 mg per bottle

Hempanol-CF Super Strength is the cannabis extract-based “be calm and focused” formula for overall health support.* It’s the only whole food, full spectrum raw cannabis extract available, a supercritical CO2 extract. Nothing is added, and nothing is taken away. This is the exclusive, original, organic-source, supercritical hemp/cannabis extract. It is derived from hemp plants grown only for NAHS on certified organic soil and therefore is not the type that is extracted industrially through solvents. Since it is a wild-source extract it is potent, with 15% cannabidiol content per extraction.

Solvents typically used in material made into supplements include acetone, butane, which is lighter fluid, hexane, and alcohol. The solvents, including the petrochemical ones, are driven off by heat; however, in many cases significant residues remain. Furthermore, these solvents can never be totally removed. Regardless, who would knowingly consume herbal or plant extracts treated with noxious solvents, the latter being categorical carcinogens? With Hempanol-CF Super Strength, no such solvents are ever used, and it is extracted only through supercritical CO2, which is entirely a cold process. This means that only Hempanol-CF Super Strength is raw. Thus, all the key nutrients, including the enzymes, are intact.

Most cannabis extracts are processed with heat, which can be as high as 250 degrees. Both heat and solvents damage the delicate compounds in cannabis, including the terpenes and cannabinoids. Since Hempanol-CF Super Strength is free of all such noxious chemicals and not heat treated, the natural substances contained in this formula are fully intact, including the highly sophisticated and exceedingly potent terpenes. This means that these molecules are far more biologically active than those found in heat- and solvent-treated types.

This is the original, raw, crude, unprocessed cannabis extract from organic hemp stalks. Accept no cheap imitations made from heat-extracted and/or solvent-corrupted hemp. Hempanol-CF Super Strength is exclusively organic cannabis extract without any other ingredients in an extra virgin olive oil and hemp seed oil base. It’s easy and beneficial to use every day. The whole family can feel confident that Hempanol-CF Super Strength is a blessing in a bottle.

Hempanol Brain Detox – Calm & Focus 8 fl oz

Price $49.99

2000 mg full-spectrum organic hemp extract with wild, raw crowberry & blackberry extract

What a rare, unique supplement it is. Hempanol Brain Detox is a powerful, synergistic blend based on three ultra-potent extracts–wild, raw crowberry extract, wild, raw blackberry extract, and wild-source, raw, CO2-extracted organic hemp.

It has long been known through Inuit and Native American lore that wild crowberry supports a healthy nervous system response.* The same is true of wild blackberry, this berry looking largely like the brain. Add to this, extract of wild-source, organically grown hemp and you have a complex that is complete and exceedingly valuable for supporting the health of the brain and, in fact, all of the nervous system.* Research shows that crowberry and blackberry extracts, rich in anthocyanins, are beneficial for brain and nervous system health, especially for brain detox.* Heavy metals and other toxins accumulate in the brain, causing disruption. Our brains are desperately in need of detox, and so are the spinal cord and peripheral nerves.

This formula includes the immense power of hemp extract, with its dense amount of cannabinoids and also naturally occurring terpenes. Our hemp is CO2-extracted, and the terpenes and cannabinoids are in a raw state. Beware of cheap imitations with hemp extracts processed using heat and solvents. The synergistic mix of crowberry with raw hemp is novel. According to Hyun and colleagues, crowberry extract is a natural antioxidant with a history of use for brain and nerve support. A berry of the evergreen family, it has also been used historically for supporting a healthy inflammation and kidney/urinary response. This is why Hempanol Brain-Detox is ideal detox support for the brain, nerves, kidneys and more.*