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Forever 1776 By Daniel Brigman with Kevin Smith – Revised Edition is now Available!

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“This book will change your feelings about America Forever!”

The Bill of Rights, Constitution, Declaration of Independence – These documents define our country and protect our rights and freedoms. However, today’s endless debates over political dogma divide Americans, making us lose focus on the true founding principles located within them.

In book, Forever 1776, Daniel Brigman exposes the truth about the foundation of the United States of America to everyone in what could be the most important political book you read this year.

Forever 1776 will expose all Americans to the truth behind key people and events from America’s past that schools do not teach and the government seems anxious to cover up.

Brigman makes the connection between the heaven-inspired ideals and principles of the past with the corrupt and lawless present, allowing patriots everywhere to step up to their responsibility to replace political deception with America’s amazing heritage.

The United States of America is under attack, so arm yourself with information found

inside Forever 1776.

Forever 1776 looks at several important issues and events from our Revolutionary past and contrasts them with today’s corrupt political agenda.Readers will learn:

How schools are failing to teach the vital truth about the pivotal year 1776 and the government is

deliberately covering up or changing the facts about this vital turning point in forming our great society.

How the founding fathers really felt about the Revolutionary War and the U.S. Government, and what they would think about America today.

How the U.S. Government lies to American citizens and promotes unfavorable political agendas to distract citizens from focusing on more important issues.

How today’s political documents, such as the UN Charter, compare to founding documents, such as the Declaration of Independence.

Why the banking industry is being used as an instrument of control and how the founding fathers

warned future generations about it.

How politicians continually usurp their authority and attack efforts of citizens who seek to uphold the Constitution.

Those who call themselves patriots can no longer stand by and allow corruption and evil to continue to ruin the country. Only when God is invited back into our government will the United States of America truly return to its place as the greatest nation on earth

Use Forever 1776 as a light of truth to help restore our worthy political heritage.