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Edward Snowden, the 34 year old former U.S. Intelligence worker who exposed the global surveillance system by the NSA lives somewhere in the Russian Capital

It’s been over four years since he blew the whistle. Since that time, Snowden has become an  an icon for defenders of civil liberty, and perceived as an enemy of the state.. In his recent interview with the German magazine Speigel, He was asked what he achieved by his actions, and here is his reply, “,Since summer 2013, the public has known what was until then forbidden knowledge. That the U.S. government can get everything out of your Gmail account and they don’t even need a warrant to do it if you are not an American but, say, a German. You are not allowed to discriminate between your citizens and other peoples’ citizens when we are talking about the balance of basic rights. But increasingly more countries, not only the U.S., are doing this. I wanted to give the public a chance to decide where the line should be. That is why I call it the secret law. These NSA activities were illegal. In a just world, the people who were authorizing these programs would actually be sitting in jail today. He added that, “  We don’t have any proof that these mass surveillance programs are stopping terrorist attacks.


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