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Welcome to The Power Hour Website. Brian Burrowes and Toby Tommey from Vaxxed 2, author of American Amnesia Dr. Jerry Newcombe, David Getoff - the detox professor, David Horowitz to discuss his new book DARK AGENDA: The War to Destroy Christian America, Matthew Pfeiffer, formulator of the REMSleep, guest host George Freund, Patrick wood to discuss Technocracy, political analyst Daniel Estulin, Dave Stetzer to talk about solutions to dirty electricity. To call the show live with show comments or questions please dial 866-582-9933. Please support The Power Hour show by visiting

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Dr. Elaina George

Joseph Meyer

Deborah Tavares

De’Wulf & Raymond d’Amico

Dr. Mark Sircus

Bob Griswold

Jamie Walden

Daniel Estulin

Patrick Wood


Peter Hammond

Jeffrey Matte

Robert Takhtalian

Pastor Nicholas Wright

Dr. Edward Group

Guest hosts Scott Bennett & Michael-Jay Anderson

Guest host George Freund


Joseph Meyer

Matthew Pfeiffer

James McCanney

Dana Ashlie

Cass Ingram

Guest Host George Freund

Stephanie Sledge

William J. Federer

Sister Keri Burnor


Replay Dean De’Wulf

Replay of Patrick Wood

Sharon Lynn Wyeth

Jerome Corsi

Deborah Tavares

Guest Host Robert Griswold

Jamie Walden

William Schnoebelen

Guest Host James Fetzer

Sanda Allyson


Replay of William Federer

Replay of Sister Keri Burnor

Replay of Deborah Tavares

Replay of Dana Ashlie

Replay of Neil Slade

Guest host George Freund

Max Igan

Guest host James Fetzer


Replay of Dr. Gerald Pollack

Replay of Dr. Elaina George

Replay of guest Jeffrey Matte

James Fetzer

Joseph Meyer

Deborah Tavares

Replay of guest Joseph Tartakovsky

Replay of guest David Stetzer

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