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Daniel Estulin addresses the global economic crisis and how it will affect citizens, families, jobs and personal wealth.

About this Event

The purpose of the seminar is to prepare people for the upcoming crisis. To describe probable global scenarios, as well as the best options for dealing with them. The global economic depression is approaching. It is necessary to prepare for it immediately. The basis of survival is a correct understanding of the ongoing processes. The collapse will result in the breakdown of countries, the end of the current planetary economic model, the rise of the regionalization of the economies that are going to replace sovereign countries. End of democracy and the rise of a global dictatorship.

This webinar offers answers to the fundamental questions: With the global collapse upon us, where do we go from here? What awaits us next? What will the post-crisis world look like? How are we going to survive in a world where rules of engagement are yet to be defined? Will the world be the same when this is over? How will America’s political future be affected by the COVID-19? What will happen to the economy, American and global? Will there be a Civil War in America? What are the consequences of that war? What should families do to preserve their savings and survive?

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