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Community Etiquette - Please Read!  

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The Power Hour is a talk show which provides journalistic point of views by the host, guest hosts, guests and callers on many different topics which sometimes may be very controversial in nature. There is no possible scenario which can play out where everyone is going to agree 100% on any given subject.

The Power Hour Community is where you are encouraged to share ideas, and your opinions. We also do not implement rules on foul language or “offensive” content. Therefore, we ask that you "self moderate" your own experience if you are easily offended.

The first amendment says that “Congress shall pass no law abridging free speech”. We are not congress and we do not pass laws, nor are we a government agency. We are welcoming you into our community. Be respectful to the other guests, as we now more than ever, need one another to come together, and help us continue on The Power Hour Legacy for years to come.

The original voices are gone. Yet The Power Hour legacy lives on, within all of us.

Topic starter Posted : 30/12/2020 4:39 pm