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Welcome to The Power Hour Website. This week’s guests include former NSA intelligence official William Binney, author Terry Beatley to discuss lies told by Planned Parenthood, health expert Robert Redfern will discuss inflammation and how to fight it, Dr. Patrick Porter will discuss healing through sound, Wayne Elliott will be joining for heart month with tips on keeping your heart healthy, Ron Salley will share how his “Miracle Skin” formula can be used for countless skin conditions, CPA Alan Meyers will discuss why the FED is private, and Power Hour favorite Daniel Estulin will discuss geopolitical affairs and current news. To call the show live with questions or comments: 844-769-2944. Please support The Power Hour show by visiting


February 19, 2019 - admin - 7:37 pm

Jim Rothstien Documents on Child Trafficking

Documents: Resolution on Human Trafficking Proposed Investigation & Legislation Guidelines for Families Articles: 35-40% Of Washington Is Involved In Covering Up Human Trafficking – Says Ex NYPD Officer Retired NYPD det...


January 7, 2019 - admin - 12:45 pm

Deborah Tavares Show Notes for January 03, 2019

Documents: Senate Report 93-549 Emergency Powers Status 1973 >> Full Text: SENATE REPORT 93-549: War and Emergency Power Statutes Report from Iron Mountain – StopTheCrime.netSilent Weapons for Quiet Wars NASA WAR PLAN DOCUMEN...


January 2, 2019 - admin - 10:24 am

Documents & Other Resources for Deborah Tavares Interview – December 19, 2018

Posts on SMART METERS for SMART FIRES: SUMMARY – Evidence on Smart Meter Fires . . .The BURN’em UP – FIRE LIST – by Fire Prevention SQUAD . . . ALERT!WINDOWS that CAUSE ‘FIRES’- Promoted by Green Energy Standards LOW...


December 17, 2018 - admin - 5:58 pm

Notes for Sister Keri Burnor Interview – December 14, 2018

Notes for Sister Keri Burnor Interview – December 14, 2018 MILITARY-GRADE NANOTECHNOLOGY ~ USED IN EFFORTS TO SILENCE INFORMANT Strong Claims Require Strong Evidence The following documents convey the details which substantiate these ...


December 4, 2018 - admin - 5:53 pm

Protecting Your Heart During Troubled Times

Show Notes for Pastor Nicholas Wright – The Power Hour 12/4/2018 John 14:27 John 16:23 Amplified Translation I. We have already won! 2 Corinthians 2:14 NKJV; Romans 8:35-39; 1 Corinthians 15:57-58. II. We are in a conflict with an enemy that is...