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January 2, 2019 - admin - 10:24 am

Documents & Other Resources for Deborah Tavares Interview – December 19, 2018

Posts on SMART METERS for SMART FIRES: SUMMARY – Evidence on Smart Meter Fires . . .The BURN’em UP – FIRE LIST – by Fire Prevention SQUAD . . . ALERT!WINDOWS that CAUSE ‘FIRES’- Promoted by Green Energy Standards LOW...


December 17, 2018 - admin - 5:58 pm

Notes for Sister Keri Burnor Interview – December 14, 2018

Notes for Sister Keri Burnor Interview – December 14, 2018 MILITARY-GRADE NANOTECHNOLOGY ~ USED IN EFFORTS TO SILENCE INFORMANT Strong Claims Require Strong Evidence The following documents convey the details which substantiate these ...


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Documents & Other Resources for Deborah Tavares Interview – November 27, 2018

Documents:   CLIMATE ACTION PLANS ACTIVATED – Butte County – Climate Action Plan – Town of Paradise    CIA 1960: Memorandum for Climate Control – Veterans Today | News – Military Foreign Affairs Policy    PG&E     and C...


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Warn Your Kids – Online Predator Prevention Tips

(more…) Please follow and like us: ...


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In case you haven’t heard, Monsanto Corporation, the maker of Round-Up Ready Weed Killer, was found guilty in a Federal trial of concealing information about the dangers of this product. Monsanto has known about these serious health concerns s...


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