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January 21, 2019 - admin - 1:43 pm

Cody Snodgres – January 21, 2019 (Commercial Free)

Part I Part II Deep State Whistleblower and former CIA asset Cody Snodgres joins today to discuss issues such as mass mind control, Clintons and Bushes involvement in drug trafficking, Iran Contra, and 9/11. Please follow and like us...


January 17, 2019 - admin - 6:09 pm

Jeffrey Daugherty – January 14, 2019 (Commercial Free)

Part I Part II Joining today’s show is Jeffrey Daugherty,  former minister for the Assemblies of God Church. Jeff joins to discuss the Mandela Effect, a theory of parallel universes, based in the idea that because large groups of pe...


January 16, 2019 - admin - 1:27 pm

Cass Ingram – January 16, 2019 (Commercial Free)

Nutritional physician Dr. Cass Ingram will join The Power Hour to discuss the powers of CO2 extracted Hemp and the Hempanol line product line from North American Herb & Spice.  Dr. Cass is a leading expert on the health benefits and disease...


January 15, 2019 - admin - 3:48 pm

John Hewlett – January 11, 2019 (Commercial Free)

PartI Part II John B. Hewlett of Cardio Miracle joins to discuss how for only a few dollars a day you can support healthy blood pressure, improved blood flow, oxygen, circulation, natural energy and recovery from exertion by boosting the ...


January 15, 2019 - admin - 3:36 pm

James McCanney – January 09, 2019 (Commercial Free)

Part I Part II Professor James McCanney joins to discuss current happenings in the scientific realm, Trump’s address on immigration, and the Vatican. Check out the YouTube video version of the interview: Please follow and like us...


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